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  Okay, obviously this is a fuck video. And we will cover all the ass slapping action, but the star of this clip is the Sara Luvv shower scene at the beginning. There's some solo action and just a lot of scrubbing. And do we even need to say that seeing Sara Luvv taking a shower is hot? Its the real scrubbing and the being coated with bubbles that makes the whole thing more real, more intimate than just your average fake shower scene. Of course we are well known to be of the opinion that anything with Sara Luvv is more real and hotter than anything without her. Here's the beginning of the shower scene and the luscious bubble butt of Sara Luvv. This is kind of a great shot because we get to see her nicely shaped warm brown tits and that perfectly curved ass. You also notice the pool in the background, which is funny because there are like a dozen videos with Sara Luvv poolside. So many that for a while Perfect Ass speculated that she was in fact a mermaid. Turns out she is just an incredibly hot Latina who looks fantastic against a backdrop of crystal blue water. Fortunately they figured out that she also looks really good on dry land, too. The Sara Luvv shower scene is over at this point but the fuck video fun is just beginning. Sara Luvv is a tiny woman, which makes you wonder what perverse urge makes the directors of these videos always put her with the guys with the biggest dicks? Like a champion, she uses hand and mouth and sheer will power to get the job done. By the looks of things, the guys never have any objections. As viewers, neither do we. This angle is great for two reasons. One you can see just how truly beautiful this woman is. Delicate features and the most beautiful skin anyone has ever seen. And the second reason its fun is because again you can see just how tiny she is and what a cock monster they put her with. His cock is nearly as big as her forearm! I'm all for extreme sex videos I just think they need to be careful with Sara Luvv, she's too much fun to watch for them to wear her out this early in her career. Sara Luvv is either a really good actress or she's as small all over as she is in stature. She looks like she's being speared and frankly, she kind of is. But she's still got that tiny hand on her ass pulling herself wider to take more. What a champ! There is something so appealing about a woman's face on the line between pleasure and pain. Here we find Sara Luvv getting thoroughly fucked by that monster cock. The look on her face is a mixture of pain and pleasure so thick that it's enough to make you blow a load just looking at it. Sara Luvv seems to have switched more to pleasure than pain in this one, but it's still a close call. The way she's rubbing her tits though says that she's enjoying herself. Its doubtful that the guy can get more than halfway into her though. Here we find another great facial expression that just heightens the sexiness of video. Sara Luvv gives great facial. Here she's either really surprised or again riding that line between pleasure and pain the same way she's riding his cock. And we wind up with Sara Luvv finishing the guy off by hand and letting him cum in her mouth. Her hands look like she is trying to wring every last drop of cum from his cock before the moment is over. The Sara Luvv shower scene was definitely the highlight of this clip but all in all the sex is very hot. Sara Luvv's facial expressions and her overall eagerness always make her fun to watch and anything she's in wildly erotic. Passion HD is loaded with much longer, more detailed clips of Sara Luvv, other hot Latinas like Carmen Caliente and Marina Angel, and porn stars of every ethnicity in mind blowing HD reality. Click the banner and try if for a day for just a dollar. You won't be sorry.
  A Keisha Grey threesome is reason enough to write an article and share with the fans of Perfect Ass, right? We mean, it is isn't necessary to justify ourselves, if Keisha Grey is available to be seen, you want to see her. Those big tits and standout perfect ass, a bubble butt to be more precise, mean that by definition if this chick picks up gum on the sidewalk, we'd watch it hoping for a little side boob action. Lily Love is another complete beauty, with bit tits and a bubble butt. She's not quite as perfectly built as Keisha Grey, but there is an argument to be made that she's a little bit prettier. But why choose? We've got them both in a threesome here. The pretext is that Keisha Grey is being trained in massage while Lily Love is present to get a rub down. Lets ignore the fact that Keisha Grey does little more than play in the massage oil, which looks for all the world like.. cum! It is all in all a fantastic clip. Here we are deep in the pretext that leads to a Keisha Grey threesome. Some corpse looking dude is training Keisha Grey to give massages. He's rubbing one of Lily Love' s ass cheeks while Keisha Grey is trained to rub the other one. Wow, we hope this is a graduate level course. Have you noticed how often there seems to be a desire to put Keisha Grey in a sports bra? She looks better in a sports bra than most women could ever look in expensive lingerie. That is going to be the icon of her career in porn, a sports bra a ponytail, and unadorned beauty that simply cannot be prevented from shining through. We've moved passed the playing in sticky cum-looking goop phase to the first real sex in the Keisha Grey threesome. Keisha Grey is going down on Lily Love and it gives us a fantastic view of Lily Love. Her body isn't as fantastic as Keisha Grey's. But she does have nice, perky big tits with small nipples. If we have to find fault (and don't we always) with this section of the video it's the way Keisha Grey is tentatively licking at Lily Love as if her twat tastes like rotten cheese. We thought this was just an off performance by Keisha Grey then realized that the previous several minutes have been spent rubbing sticky, slimy mineral oil rubdown all over Lily Love's ass that dripped down into her twat. So now Keisha Grey is supposed to lick that mess? We call for a work stoppage! Keisha Grey should be treated better than that! We're now in fully Keisha Grey threesome territory as she rides Lily Love's face. Meanwhile the zombie corpse guy is going down on Lily Love. Keisha Grey looks like she's fully enjoying herself. And honestly just looking at that body, the perfect balance of soft and firm so that everything is large, sexy, and firm. Is it just us, or is this an extraordinarily hot position. The zombie is on his back, Lily Love is riding him in the reverse position. And Keisha Grey is sucking his dick and licking her pussy at the same time. Or we should say trying to. Take a look at Lily Love's pony tail and you realize just how fast she's bouncing up and down. But an undeterred Keisha Grey is determined to stay in on the action in her Keisha Grey threesome, so she really goes after the suck in this scene. We're not sure she ever makes contact, but we give her (as always) lots of points for trying. Here Lily Love goes down on Keisha Grey while taking it from behind. She's really getting in there and sucking, which can't be easy while she's getting pounded. Check out the sweat on her forehead and you'll agree she's making a pro level effort. Here the Keisha Grey threesome is all about Keisha Grey. She's on her back, getting fucked by the zombie. Meanwhile, Lily Love is straddling her face and rubbing her clit. Both Lily and the Zombie are playing with her tits and, really, can you blame them? We're amazing the zombie doesn't try to eat one. We've just invented a whole new porn genre: zombie porn. Some hot chick gets fucked by a zombie until in the throws of passion he eats her. Then he cums and turns to dust from the loss of moisture. Cut! Print! Here Keisha Jumps down to Lily Love's crotch and turns her face to let the zombie shoot a thick rope acrosss her face. Then she does a little post ejaculation cock sucking. Is there anything this girl does wrong? The Keisha Grey threesome proved to be a hot as as we had hoped. Lily Love was actually up to the challenge of being in a threesome with Keisha Grey. Most of the stars look pretty amateurish that close to her, but Lily Love holds her own. But Keisha Grey can still hold ours for us any day of the week. This clip is hot as hell and the extended version is even hotter. The hot positions get more screen times and there are whole positions that got left out of this version. So we encourage you to plunk down $1, sign up for a 24 hour membership, and enjoy all the goodies.
  Being ass fans we tend to gravitate toward the videos with a little anal action going on. This video is not that. This is extreme hardcore anal. They don't do a little anal and a little vaginal. It is all anal from the word go. And it starts off and you think it's going to be another pool boy fantasy video. But they just throw that shit out the window and start pounding ass. So let's go to the video! We got a nice view of Jynx Maze's Latina bubble but as she's sleeping. Since she's sleeping on her side it's one of those views you might get in real life (though likely of something a little less firm). But you rarely see this in porn. And another great view of Jynx Maze's bubble butt. No, this is not what we meant by extreme hardcore anal. But this video starts off with some warm and fuzzy visuals before that beautiful ass gets battered ruthlessly. This sequence gives us a great view of Jynx Maze's small Latina tits. It's kind of funny that she naps naked and wakes up to see the pool boy. So she gets up and puts on her bra and panties, then walks to the door. At this point the pool boy immediately comes in and takes off her bra and panties. Fantasy HD is all about setting the scene for you but this one felt a little pointless. It also didn't seem like Fantasy HD to have the extreme hardcore anal. That's more along the lines of Porn Pros specialty. One last view of that pretty Latina bubble butt before it just gets nailed within an inch of it's existence. This is where the pool boy is taking of the clothes she literally just put on 10 seconds earlier. Maybe in the full length video over at Fantasy HD more happened in the middle to make it make sense, but it seems unlikely that the full version spent more time with Jynx Maze dressed, this just doesn't seem to be that kind of video. This is an extreme hardcore anal video and that just doesn't work with clothes. And here goes the anal. At Perfect Ass we tend to stay to the higher quality, fancy HD clips with the pretty people and the pretty decorations. You don't usually see ass to mouth play in those kinds of videos. We consider the anallingus as being well within the realm of hardcore anal. Here he's loosening her up with a finger and that's pretty typical of an anal sex video. But what struck us was how tight she seemed around just one finger. And this guy doesn't have a little finger in his underwear. Given how tight she seemed here, we're fucking astonished she survived the rest of this video. Let's hear it for the elastic sphincter! In this section he just buried his face in her ass like he was eating pussy. But that is clearly ass to mouth. He licks her ass for a while, then he starts tongue fucking her asshole. Extreme hardcore anal? Yup. After fingers and tongues, he finally decides to shove his cock up her ass. We didn't just skip over the vaginal fucking, there wasn't any. This pool boy is all about cleaning out your drain, if you'll forgive the pun. This face tells us that she was up for extreme hardcore anal, but a little more prep work wouldn't have been unwelcome. But it looks like there's as much pleasure on her face as pain, so maybe the pool boy knows his way around an ass after all. We love the way her whole body is coiled up as if to defend herself, but her ass is pointed straight up in the air like a bitch in heat. Here's position number two in the anal marathon. We like anal. We're fans of anal. But any time you have more than one position (and these two have lots!), you are officially in extreme hardcore anal territory. This position puts that round rump in a great position, squeezed up tight by the pool boy's thighs. Position number 3 is sort of the reverse cowgirl, except every cowgirl we ever knew would beat you to death if you ever tried to stick your cock where he has his. This position is just so wild. With her bouncing up and down on his cock, but tilted far enough back for him to nail her asshole, she looks like she might just accidentally fly off his cock and sail across the room. In position number 4 of extreme hardcore anal, the pool boy pulls out all the stops and just fuck the shit out of her. You can't see it in the stills but in the video you see he is just flying in and out of her. We know she has to be loosened up some by this point, otherwise he would break his dick off trying to get the kind of speed he builds up here. And as if going down a checklist of every extreme hardcore anal action you could ever want, he cums inside her and then pulls out and finishes cumming straight into her now (unsurprisingly) gaping asshole. But we can't believe it's not gaping more than it is. You would think after all of that you would be able to park a Buick in there. But Jynx Maze looks more like she's loosened up and ready to start the anal, not someone who has just been through a four course anal banquet. Wow. Did we not promise you extreme hardcore anal? We had anal fingering, ass to mouth, and just plain old anal tongue fucking. Then we moved on to four different positions of ass fucking. Four! And this is the shortened promotional version of this video. If you're an extreme anal fan you definitely have to pay your $1 to get 24 hours of access to Fantasy HD and watch the whole video. We fear for her sphincter, but not enough to keep us from watching!
  We may use phrases like this video has it all too often, but we can say without fear of contradiction that for you girl on girl action lovers, this video has it all. It features petite blonde Dakota Skye with small tits and a small ass and the only slightly larger Samantha Rone, who has a bubble butt and medium tits. The two hot blondes engage in all kinds of activities but the blonde on blonde lesbian 69 was definitely our favorite. This video also features some play with a really strange sex toy. After a fantastically hot few minutes of lesbian action, it turns into a threesome that is still really heavy on the lesbian action, so our wrath at the addition of a cock was somewhat reduced. Dakota Skye and Samantha Rone start off in a hotel room, the smaller blonde stripping out of clothes like they were on fire. Her small tits are exposed and both girls are going for Dakota Skye's pussy as they make out. They get a little more naked and keep making out. These girls kiss like they like lesbian action which always makes it even more fun to watch. Seeing one hot girl acting like it's a chore to make out with another hot girl makes us feel like we're watching someone with seriously screwed up priorities. You'd rather have a man than that?? They then proceed to break out a sex toy that Samantha Rone uses on Dakota Skye. This toy is some sort of suction device for sucking on a woman's clit. Tree's another toy that does that... your mouth! Never send a gadget to do a hot blonde's work. It does make kind of a neat image as the clit swells up in the suction cup. We were intrigued by this kind of play, but was more than happy when it ended. More blonde on blonde action! Which brings us to the blonde lesbian 69 we've been looking forward to for so long. The scene plays for a bit looking at Samatha Rone as she goes down on Dakota Skye, and we see Dakota Skye's pussy. But every handful of seconds Samantha Rone would do the maneuver you see in the picture. It seems her hair was getting in the way of her eating pussy, so in just a second's time she'd raise up, swing her hair around, and then go face down in Dakota Skye's crotch again. We were going all Shawshank, "I love it when she does that shit with her hair!" Can you imagine Redd's reaction to this hair swing maneuver? Here we get more a classic pose for the blonde lesbian 69. Samantha Rone is still on top and frankly you can't really see that much, beyond Samantha Rone's perfect ass. Nevertheless, there is just something about a 69 and that pleasure feedback loop you get going that can not be beat. And when you get to see two women doing it to each other, it's just that much better. The dude of the piece shows up and makes it an official threesome while we were quite content with a blonde lesbian duo. When he first shows up he takes out the clitoris pump and uses it on Samantha Rone. The toy play was hot when it was girl on girl but we were still ready for it to be over. When its some dude doing it? Fuck that. But after a bit he serves the role he's best suited to, sexual jungle gym for Samantha Rone and Dakota Skye. Here we have Dakota Skye's small ass in the air as she straddles the dude's face. Samantha Rone is pretty intensely sucking his cock. A little later on things get more interesting with a close up of Samantha Rone and Dakota Sky giving a two girl blow job. Samantha Rone sucks the head while Dakota Skye slides her mouth up and down the shaft. Samantha Rone keeps a hand in the action, using her right hand to cup the dude's balls as he gets double sucked. The lesbian action continues as Samantha Rone rides the dude's cock and Dakota Skye rides his face, but they save all their passionate kisses for each other. The make out right over the top of him. Let's hear it for women who know what they want! Dakota Skye finally rides the cock and looks like it might be a little too big for comfort. We love how Samantha Rone, who is now riding the dude's face, presses her tits up against Dakota Skye's back and slides her right hand down to massage Dakota Skye's clit as she gets fucked. At this point the guy is really fucking the shit out of Samantha Rone. And bless her lesbian heart she is still all about going face down in Dakota Skye's crotch. Dakota Skye's facial expression says she feels like she is getting the better end of the deal. Blonde lesbian action aside, both girls seem eager to get a mouthfull of jizz in the cum shot. The dude finishes himself off by hand with Dakota Skye beneath his cock and Samantha Rone right in front of it. As he shoots, part of it flies forward and hits Samantha Rone while the rest drizzles down onto Dakota Skye's waiting mouth and face. So you get a double facial along with some cum swallowing. Then the girls kiss one last time and manage to work in some cum swapping. Did we or did we not tell you that this was a video with everything for the lesbian action lover? We had toy play, foreplay, a blonde lesbian 69, and a boat load of assorted lesbian pets, pokes, and kisses as the threesome takes off. This is the sort of thing Porn Pros does best, taking performers who are really good at what they do and putting them in complicated scenarios that ring all the right bells. This would be a good time to click the banner and head over to Porn Pros. Don't want to subscribe? That's cool, pay $1 and you'll get 24 hours of access to everything in their library.
http://images.galleries.pornpros.com/galleries.passion-hd.com/htdocs/fb01/fb01_hollymichaels11/content/vid01.mp4   Okay perfect ass fans, it occurs to us that we may have been neglecting you with our obsession with the many hot Latinas of the porn world. So this time we're bringing you Holly Michaels who has a world class bubble butt. It is completely full size without being fat at all. It is ample and flawless. But this video is all about ass play from the first clip to the final anal creampie. See, we know where our bread is buttered. Our fans are ass fans and this has all the ass action you could possibly want. This video starts off with an interesting lead up to the anal creampie. Holly Michaels wastes no time getting down to business as she lifts her dress and reveals that she already has anal beads in her bubble butt. She pulls them out, licks them seductively, deep throats them, then puts them back in her ass. What is curious here is that the dude is laying on the bed in front of her the whole time she's putting on this show and never even notices that all of this is going on. Is this a mental ward and he's on a high dose of thorazine? A gorgeous woman is doing some serious ass play right in front of you and you don't even notice she's in the room? This dude isn't firing on all cylinders. You know a video is a complete load dropper when the run-up to the big actions is a 69. And it wouldn't be the run up to an anal creampie unless Holly Michaels was doing that 69 with anal beads in already stretching her pink hole. We think this video's pretense is a massage that goes erotic, but it didn't go anywhere. From Holly Michael's hot ass play in the beginning scene she promptly climbed across her 'massage client' and planted her cunt right in his face and she pulled out his cock and started sucking. Build up? Who needs it! The dude isn't really holding up his end of a 69 as instead of licking the beautiful snatch that's right in front of him, he plays with the ass beads instead. But if he's already got his mind on a the anal creampie, then he has loosening up work to do or miss Holly Michaels will be one sore chick. Holly Michaels finally gets a few lick on her pussy from her partner, but then he bends her over and starts fucking her up the ass immediately. Good thing he played with the beads. Her bubble butt and big tits are bouncing from the force with which he's pounding her hole. And the look on her face says that maybe a few more minutes with the anal beads would have been a good thing, but who gives a fuck? We're that much closer to the anal creampie and we're already getting some serious quality ass fucking. The close up just doesn't lie. Holly Michaels is having her ass pounded. The dude is going at her so fast and furious that the freeze frame can't really keep up and thing are just a little blurry. For that we apologize, but we know you rather have a keepsake photo of that perfect ass getting pounded than have absolutely perfect focus. We weren't really aware that there was as much variety in positions for anal fucking as there are for regular fucking but this video is breaking out some unique moves. We love this clip because Holly Michaels' big tits look fully gorgeous. We're not sure though why she's making out with her own knee cap. Is there even a fetish for that? I guess when you're orally fixated licking anything will do, even if it's your own knee cap. We love this scene because the dude here just utterly loses his shit. He's still fucking her up the ass and the feeling of pounding that tight hole combined with the hotness of the babe he's fucking seems to overwhelm him. He just grabs a hold of her, starts kissing her, starts squeezing those big tits. All of a sudden the dude who slept through her initial ass play is just going apeshit over Holly Michaels. He better slow his roll or that anal creampie is gonna come a lot sooner than intended. We know that in these scenes a lot of reactions are exaggerated but we don't believe it is here. This guy has just be pounding the hell out of Holly Michael's ass for 7 and a half minutes of clip. If you were watching the whole clip at Passion HD he's probably been grinding that ass for half an hour. And the facial expressions are starting to say, Holly Michaels is feeling the burn. Burn baby burn. We actually slip over to some old-fashioned vaginal fucking for a while and what we can't help but notice is that Holly Michael's pussy is absolutely dripping wet. Any question of whether she was enjoying her ass reaming is pretty much put to rest now. And boom, there's the anal crempie. Holly Michaels has just been anally assaulted by this point. The guy slows down but he seems to just be slamming all the harder, even if slower. And in the end as he gets closer to shooting, he is totally manhandling her ass cheeks while he slams her asshole itself.Then she shoots to into her hole and gives her the long awaited anal creampie. To misquote Jessie Pinkman, "Yeah, Anal bitch!" Tell us perfect ass fans, could you ask for anything more. A beautiful Holly Michaels with an epic bubble butt. Anal play from scene #1. Ass fucking for almost 11 straight minutes. And then an anal creampie to seal the deal. Passion HD knows how to give you what you want. But this is maybe 11 minutes out of an hour. As much as the dude lost it in what we saw, can you imagine the punishment he doles out in the full video? Click the banner, pay the measly $1 and enjoy 24 hours of all the ass action you can stand. You know you want to, and you know Passion HD has the goods.
  This video features the sultry Chase Ryder in high heeled boots made of what looks like latex. It's more than enough to set a footwear fetishist off, we can assure you. You might after be inclined to dismiss this video as it just has a man and a woman, no threesome. And there's anal or other wildness to it. But to dismiss it is to miss the point that this video is SEXY as hell. From Chase Ryder's outfit in the beginning, to just the time they take with each position. You are left with the feeling that these are people trying to pleasure each other and themselves, not put on a show. And that just makes the show all the hotter. To start things off we have Chase Ryder in a very sexy getup. She's wearing a low cut white top that barely holds in her big tits. And she's wearing a skirt that isn't short, but it isn't long either. And there is just something about a woman in a skirt that is over the top sexy. Maybe it's the mixture of old-fashioned "proper" dress and incredibly easy access to pussy at the same time, but it just flat does it for us. And of course she's wearing those high heeled boots. We personally would have preferred she kept the skirt through the whole video, just push it up like a fringe around her waist, but alas it gets dumped in the intro scene. This is a fantastic position to watch and participate in. When you take your woman in hand and bring her pussy up to your mouth, you can control her every movement as well as yours. It makes it easy to do those advanced techniques that really make her moan. And we loved that the high heeled boots are still on. We miss the skirt but the boots are a nice touch. We also love the puppy paw print tattoos running from above her waist all the way up onto her right tit. It's like she left a trail for all of us dogs to follow. Chase Ryder goes deep when she gives a blow job. More than once in this scene she takes her lips all the way down to the balls as she deep throats her man. It's the little details that make the blow job in this video sexy, though. Look a the way she's gently resting one hand on his naked thigh and lightly circling his cock with the other. You can almost feel her thumb resting on your balls when you look at this image. There is no reason in the world to stop the video here other than Chase Ryder's tattoo. You can barely see one boob, you can't see her pussy, her face, or even her high heeled boots. But you can see that awesome puppy print tattoo. Or at least you can see three of the paws, the fourth paw is almost completely hidden by her tit. Bonus points if you can make out the tattoo on the under-boob. When the fucking starts, he has Chase Ryder on he back with her legs in the air, and her high heeled boots dangerously close to his face. You could lose an eye that way. The infamous Chase Ryder tattoo is also nicely visible in this shot. As we proceed with the fucking we a great view of her classic bubble butt. For those of you who like an ass with some serious meat on it, Chase Ryder is the woman for you. She doesn't have a ghetto booty by any means, but it is a rather large bubble butt. It fits with her overall size and proportions though, so the woman is hot as hell. This is a great image because the fact that she is really feeling it is all over her face. When porn stars have that bored or slightly amused look while fucking it can just kill the hotness of the video. Chase Ryder is definitely bored with this big dick filling her up. Her tits also look really hot, standing up nicely despite the position she's in. That position can be unflattering to lesser boobs. This scene may not move the narrative forward much but it does make an important difference in two ways. First, we get a great shot of that big bubble butt of hers. And it demonstrates the pacing and time taken with each sequence that leads to an overall extremely hot video. We also kind of love that they covered the couch with sheets. We can just imagine some guy saying, sure, you can shoot a porno at my place for that much money! Then his wife screeches, they're not fucking on my couch unless you put down a sheet! Finally we wind up with a Chase Ryder cum facial. The guy doesn't shoot far, but he does nail her right below the eye and goes in her mouth. He kind of drops his cock in her mouth and encourages swallowing. She clearly is not willing to swallow, which leads to a little bit of amusing awkwardness. This video is like a train, slow and inevitable. Chase Ryder is hot as hell from scene 1 with her high heeled boots and skirt. Then they take their time and build the heat with each variation. By the time the dude finally shoots, we were ready to ourselves. Porn Pros is quality sex, focused on just the hot sex by the stars who have been doing it long enough to make it look fantastic. Click the banner and check out all the hotness. The have a 1 dollar, 1 day trial where you can check it all out without plunking down much cash.
  Teen Lesbian 69 and 3-way. If we’d said naked Twister you’d have thought we were lying, but that’s in there, too. And both girls are so hot. Young brunette Ariana Marie brings us a lovely small ass. Young blonde Latina Marina Angel is sporting a minor bubble butt. And both girls have perfect medium sized tits. And yes they’re going to throw a lesbian 69, 3-way with girl-on-girl, and everything else you’ve dreamed of. Oh, and this is a long HD video. We DARE you to make it to end of it and keep both hands on the keyboard. You’ll never make it. The first video starts off with a game of bikini Twister that turns into naked Twister. Then it turns into a lesbian 69 on a Twister mat. Fucking lucky Twister mat. First our young brunette Ariana Marie goes down on our young blonde Marina Angel, who is standing at the time. So would that be going up on her? Whatever. Then they both get horizontal and young blonde goes down on young brunette. While this is still going on, some guy comes in starts going down on the blonde. What the fuck? Who ordered him? You know him just being there is going to prevent another lesbian 69 because you can tell by looking both girls are too polite for that. Fucker. After our beloved lesbian 69 has ended, but before the pole has arrived, the girls actually do spend a little more time together. Here we see them in a little more girl on girl action. And no, that's not a picnic blanket. It's the infamous twister mat. We went ahead and stopped the action here because there are so many things to love going on. Sexy teen Latina Marina Angel is going down on hot brunette Ariana Marie. We also get a great view of Ariana Marie's chest. She has the largest tits of the two girls, though they're still on the small side. But the nipples can't be any bigger than a nickel with tight, tiny aureolae. Plus she has a whole Natalie Portman thing going on that just blows our minds. The bottom line is that the girls seem much more relaxed and into it during the girl on girl action, including the lesbian 69, than they ever do during the threesome scenes. So, as if to prove us right about the polite thing, the girls blow this bozo. And they share his cock. We’re telling you, we thought manners like that in teens were a thing of the past! One sucks his cock while one sucks his balls, sharing and teamwork. These are girls to be looked up to! Between the lesbian 69 and the 2 girl blow job, there's actually a pretty hot threesome scene. Ariana Marie is on her back with Marina angle going down her. Meanwhile, the dude is going down on Marina Angel from behind, which is not the easiest thing in the world to do well without sticking your nose up the girl's ass. And nobody wins when that happens. Next our young brunette Ariana Marie goes down on our young blonde Latina Marina Angel, while getting fucked by the bozo. No, we’re not jealous, he’s a bozo. He is a big bozo, though, and Ariana Marie makes a pain face or two while he pounds away. Then they switch up again with bozo fucking our young blonde, Marina Angel while Ariana straddles his face and Marina licks Ariana’s tits. We almost need a flowchart for that one. Do you get the feeling that with these three, they could go on for hours and never revisit the same position twice? This is part of that same position but the girls take a moment to kiss a bit while both riding the bozo. We just love how comfortable the girls seems to be with each other. This is one of those moments where you know for sure you're watching a Passion HD video. Yes we have Ariana Marie getting fucked from behind while she goes down on Marina Angel. But first notice how beautifully perfect all the bodies in this scene are. Then notice how they're all perfectly lined up and posed to show off the strengths of their individual bodies to maximum effect. That's the difference Passion HD makes, looking for all those little details that a video over the top hot as well as really beautiful to look at. We did have one little complaint, though. AS much as we loved the lesbian 69, we would have have loved to have seen it revisited during this fully nude section of the video. A lesbian 69 is hot, but a fully naked lesbian 69 is a thing of wonder. Especially if it had Ariana Marie and Marina Angel in it. This is the section where Ariana Marie is going down on Marina Angel while getting fucked. She makes some serious pain faces throughout this section of the video. And we know for sure that it's not because she doesn't like eating pussy. There was no pain face anywhere during the lesbian 69, but the bozo must be stretching her out pretty good to get the kind of faces out of her that we see during this segment. And it isn't really pain mixed with pleasure, it just looks like pain. In fact, it looks a lot like she wishes he would go back to whatever stall he come out of and leave her alone with Marina Angel in the barn for all the lesbian action they want. Between scene cuts and position changes you eventually lose the ability to keep track and it’s just hot chicks everywhere doing everything hot to each other. Oh, yeah, and bozo sticking his pole in the middle of it all. Hey, are you still listening to us? Fuck it. Watch the video. We would have done the same thing. Better yet, head over to Passion HD and watch the video. Why? Because it is way longer and, as a result, way the hell hotter. And because you can do a 1 day, $1 membership and watch all you want for your 1 day. With all the mind blowing sex in the Passion HD archives its worth way more than a dollar. And don't even try to tell us that a naked Twister, blonde teen Latina on young brunette lesbian 69 featuring Marina Angel and Ariana Marie isn't worth $1. It's worth a hell of a lot more than that!
  This video features a two Latina threesome with Marina Angel and Carmen Caliente. It has Marina Angel in it so you can rest assured that there is as much lesbian action as she could possibly force into the situation, but it still comes up a little light. Of course it's conceivable that some of you are into guy on girl action and will like that about this video. Because there is wall to wall fucking and a very nice two girl blowjob. It still would have been nice if the early minutes had been spent on a little more intense lesbian action than what we actually saw here. And we are off to the races! Not even thirty seconds in and Passion HD hands us a completely spank worthy video of Marina Angel's bubble butt. Our two Latina threesome starts off with a bath and some lesbian heavy petting for stars Carmen Caliente and Marina Angel. As always with Passion HD, the sets are beautiful and it looks like we're in the bathroom of a mansion here. But frankly, we would have traded a little of the marble finery for a little more skin as our two Latinas were making out. They appeared to do it all right, pressing Marina Angel's small tits to Carmen Caliente's medium-sized ones, legs wrappend around each other, and full tongue kissing we just COULDN'T SEE IT ALL! Carmen Caliente boldly goes where every man wants to go: down on Marina Angel. She has a double grip on that perfect ass, pulling her pussy ass-first into her mouth. Meanwhile she gets fucked by some muscle dude. We're personally very unimpressed with this dude. Ask yourself: if you had Marina Angel in front of you would you miss the chance to make out with her? Sure it might obscure your view but oral gratification is always a step up from visual gratification. Just ask Carmen Caliente. The two Latina threesome shows that both our girls are very comfortable licking... er... liking other girls. Marina Angel knows a good thing when it's right in front of her though, even if the dude doesn't. While she rides Carmen Caliente's face she gets a handful of clit and rubs for all it is worth. The face the dude is making here kind of cracks me up. He seems to be putting on a show but doesn't realize that in the two Latina threesome, nobody is watching him. You have two of the hottest Latinas in the world doing each other and this guy thinks he's anything more than an extra? Rarely has anyone been so wrong. Here we have Carmen Caliente's ample bubble butt bouncing up and down as she fucks the hell out of the dude underneath her. This same section has Marina Angel riding the guys face. With all the threesomes we've been reviewing lately, and now a two Latina threesome, we have to wonder, is it just us stuck having sex with one woman at a time now? It's great and all, but getting two women, especially two ultra hot Latin women in your bed just looks like more fun than we've ever had. We suppose that is why we're so interested in porn, so let's get back to it. After much dedicated effort, Marina Angel finally gets to make out with Carmen Caliente. We have to confess that much as we wish it were otherwise, Carmen Caliente seemed fully into the dude she was doing. Marina Angel never seems as interested in the dude in the scene as she does the other girl. Her worst nightmare, and ours as well, would be a threesome with Marina Angel and two dudes. We're fans of seeing a hot chick double stuffed like any reasonable people, but that would be a waste of Marina Angel. A two Latina threesome is just her speed and ours. In the end this video was definitely worth watching. Marina Angel has never looked hotter and Carmen Caliente is, as always, gorgeous. The good news for fans of girl on girl action like us is that there is a lot more action in the version you find over at Passion HD. You can just spend $1 for 24 hours of full access to their library. There is more of every kind of action in that version, including more of the girl on girl we so desperately crave. And of course you get access to everything else Passion HD has to offer, which is hundreds of hours of the hottest sex on the web.
  From some sassy girl talk with Marina Angel and Kacey Jordan leads into someone naughty girl action within minutes. These two hot porn stars knows just what to do when it comes to talking and some hot foreplay before they let there male friend join the bed with them. This is one hot threesome that Passion Hd has brought us. Marina Angel and Kacey Jordan would make any fantasy come true. From girl talk to some girl action. These two beautiful ladies start the night off from laying in the bed with nothing good on there mind. Marina Angle and Kacey Jordan is two porn stars that I would love to be in the bed with. Marina Angel and Kacey Jordan ain't you average ladies they are more like the naughty girls of the classroom. Witch ladies do you the naughty or the nice? Look at the Bubble Butt of Marina Angel? That ass is one fine ass. Her ass don't have any flaws in it all. Marina Angles Bubble Butt is one ass that we will be able to enjoy for years to come. Its perfect! That little bubble shape with that tan line running down the small rounded ass checks. Keep that ass in shape Marina Angel. We enjoy watching it and hope to see more of it. Well well look what a sleep over gets you, when your in bed with Marnia Angel. Kacey Jordan looks like she is really pleased by the slummer party she got invited to. As Marina Angel is eating the wet hot pussy of Kacey Jordan's she looks like she is enjoying the taste. Not even coming up for air. Marina Angel is one good pussy eater. Just look at the facial expression and the sounds from Kacey Jordan. Uh oh! Someone is in trouble! But witch one is it? Marina Angel, Kacey Jordan or this dude? I'll let you make your mind up at the end of the video. The look of surprise on Marina Angel just might give you a clue. But I'll never say. We just wish we could get into some trouble with these two ladies Marina Angel and Kacey Jordan or we might already have. There isn't anything better then team work. Marina Angel and Kacey Jordon looks like they know what they are doing when it comes to a cock. Marina Angel sure knows how to suck a big cock with them pretty little lips as her female friend is sucking the balls of the dude friend rubbing her tongue all around his nut sack. Pleasing there dude is what they have in mind for only a second. From a Wet Hot Pussy on Marina Angel head to a big cock in her Wet Hot Pussy. Now this is what I call a good time. There is not nothing better then Two hot ladies pleasing you and then you get to turn around and please them just the way they pleased you. Marina Angel seems to be enjoying the atmosphere right about now. Well they all seem to be liking it. From Wet Pussy's to big Cocks in your face! Marina Angel sure knows how to to take a cum shot straight to that pretty little face of hers. Rather its getting cocks off or wet pussy's off Marina Angel sure knows how to handle them all and what they really like. Could Marina Angel handle you in the bedroom or would you handle her in the bedroom? I'll let you be the judge of that one. And who said they was not gonna share everything? From the nut shot Marina Angel took in the mouth and is giving it to her female friend Kacey Jordan. I mean these two did everything together from start to finish. I would hate to think that Marina Angel wouldn't give her friend a drink of cum shot. Kacey Jordon really looks like she would take another doze of cum shot. Who would've ever thought a pillow fight would end the way it did? From Marina Angel's good pussy eating skills and the way Kacey Jordan knows how to take a cock. From team work from the beginning all the way until the end. From where these two hot porn stars shares everything even a come shot kiss. Thanks Passion Hd to see more of this video hit the banner below and subscribe.
  This is Passion HD at it's best. Beautifully shot with an original concept, and superstars Keisha Grey and Marina Angel as the performers in a lesbian threesome. Keisha Grey and Marina Angel have eyes for each other, rather than eyes for the man in the scene. Can you blame them? Keisha Grey is a super stacked uber babe with 32DD huge tits and a killer body. Marina Angel is young, hot Latina with small tits and a perfect small tits. And they whole thing gets rolling with a little erotic costume play to make everyone's hormones jump into high gear. Here we have Latina Marina Angel in costume as an angel and Keisha Grey in costume as a devil kicking off our lesbian threesome with some girl on girl kissing.. How would you like to have those two sitting on your shoulder arguing over right and wrong? The answer would always be wrong that felt really, really right. And if you're still stuck on the image of having them sitting on your shoulders (and who isn't?) just keep your nerves in check, you'll at least get to see how it looks before it's all over. Both Keisha Grey and Marina Angel seem to be very much into the lesbian action all the way through this video from this cock swelling kiss forward. Here we have not only hotties in costume, but two of the most perfect asses in the business with Marina Angel's small bubble butt and Keisha Grey's best in the world full size bubble butt. As always Keisha Grey has just the right mix of muscle and padding to make a perfectly round bubble butt that doesn't droop or sag in the slightest. Of course, Marina Angel doesn't droop either but her pefect ass is really too small to droop. We're not sure how other guys feel about her small ass, but we firmly believe that she's proof that good things come in packages of all sizes. Here we get into the lesbian threesome after a two girl blowjob. We just love the smile on Keisha Grey's face, clearly demonstrating that she loves the scenes where she gets to work with other girls. And that's why this is a lesbian threesome, even if a guy is involved. Marina Angel is fingering her and going down on her at the same time, when she doesn't have to raise up from the bumping and grinding from getting fucked from behind. There is just no bad for the guy on the bottom of the pile in this video. He has Keisha Grey riding his cock and Marina Angel riding his face. Being in that position is like a mix between pure physical pleasure. You can't see and you can't hear, but you can feel and what you feel is all good. Not to mention you get to moan your pleasure into the girl on your shoulders pussy, causing her more pleasure in a really great version of the feedback loop. And the lesbian threesome action continues here with Marina Angela and Keisha Grey making out while they ride the sex toy with a pulse underneath them. Here Marina Angel finally goes in for a mouthful of Keisha Grey's huge tits. All throughout this lesbian threesome we've been wondering how she resisted doing that. They're just so big and perfect, how could you resist getting a mouthful? As a little trivia, both Keisha Grey and Marina Angel have tattoos in exactly the same place. Keisha Grey has something that looks like flowers under her left tit while Marina Angel has the phrase 'To Infinity' from the Buzz Lightyear cartoons tattooed under hers. We stopped here just to prove a point. Keisha Grey is the ass on top smashing down on this guys balls. Even smashing down so fast and hard that she changes the shape of his legs and squeezes his balls, there are only the barest of dimples and still no trace of cellulite on Keisha Grey's gorgeous bubble butt. Now we see her at the top of the stroke and see just how utterly flawless her perfect ass is. It's hard to tell from this photo that we're in a lesbian threesome, but it's always nice to see that ass in any circumstances. And we wind up our lesbian threesome with the cum facial but we've got two girls getting the cum facial. And of course they kiss and do a little cum swapping. And we just love how they both look like they're having such a good time. Keisha Grey always looks like she's having fun, though. Marina Angel looks a little more intense from time to time but she appears to be having fun here, too. Another hand-cramping video from Passion HD. The breathtaking Keisha Grey with her 32DDs and textbook perfect ass. The crazy hot Latina teen Marina Angel. All put together in a lesbian threesome with always included the dude while seeming to be utterly indifferent to him. Boo hoo, poor him. If you're a fan of either of these girls, or a sane person who drools after both of them, click the Passion HD banner and do the $1-1 day free trial, you'll be able to watch a much longer and, impossibly, hotter version of this video.
  Casting Couch X brings us the tryout video for teen Latina Marina Angel. Wow that's a mouthful. We judge popularity as we judge everything, by the Internet. And by that measure, Marina Angel has gone from try outs to superstar in a very short amount of time. She's one of the most searched for names on the web. These videos are interesting because they are more raw than the stuff we usually see from Porn Pros or Passion HD. No fancy sets, no elaborate costumes or story lines. Just a girl talking to the camera then trying out various sex acts on what we presume is a man she's never met before. Here we have the tiny bubble butt of Marina Angel as she's going down on her costar. We suppose they have the men try to break the women in. In the section of the video, the guy grabbed her head and pushed it further and further down his cock until she gagged a couple of times. It wasn't Rocco Siffredi kind of rough, but it did end with her giving him a serious dirty look that stopped him. Sort of makes you think about the things that are required of a porn star and how it really is a job like any other. They have to be professional and do things they don't like to do, just like the rest of us. Her ass is in even finer form in this section of video as he bends her over and takes her from behind. Unfortunately he's banging away at her so fast that we couldn't get a good snap of it. It only reinforces what we've said all along, that the one thing that ruins otherwise good porn is the presence of the damned men. Marina Angel is making a little pain face here so we're not sure if she's acting or if she just hasn't been fucked quite this hard before. She was a legal teenager when she started in porn, but a teenager just the same. There's really no way of knowing how much sex she had even had. And teenage boys aren't famous for their pussy stretching marathon fucking. Now this is the Marina Angel bubble butt we've come to know and love from so many previous videos. We feel a little protective that her ass is all read inflamed from dickhead's rough handling of it. Maybe it's just because we're ass fans, but we hate to see anything so beautiful be treated in a way that could damage it. It should be saved for posterity! As for our previous speculation on whether or not he was stretching her out, we would have to say he was based on this. If you take a look where he's going into her, her pussy looks like its stretched to the breaking point. The cum facial this guy gives Marina Angel is absolutely epic. It shoots all the way up her face in long ropes coating her tongue, going up her nose, and all the way up into her hair. Is this the much rumored trick of using a squirt bottle full of hand lotion in place of cum? It certainly looks like it. But the cum shot sequence itself looked very convincing, so we're not sure. We say when it doubt, go with the fantasy, it's more fun. If this was some sort of stunt cum no one warned Marina Angel, but she jumped when it hit her. She must have really wanted the job to take a fire hose of cum up the nose not once but twice. We weren't sure how we would feel about these casting videos. On the one hand you get to see porn stars when they were still new at the business, so you get a less polished and more natural performance from them. You could even imagine that they perform more like they really fuck in these early videos. On the other hand, people get better at things with experience so seeing them after they've been around the block a time or two seems preferable. We were pleasantly surprised that the video was so hot despite being a try out video. We have no hesitation about recommending that you run over to Casting Couch X and try a $1/1 day subscription and see how you like what they have to offer.
  This video bring us Latina Marina Angel in a first person point of view video from POVD. Most of these videos don't really feel like being there, they just feel like bad camera work and confusing angles. We don't know if it's the extreme high resolution of 3D audion that POVD brings to the process, but these videos do feel like you're there. You catch yourself having momements where you expect to feel or taste what's on the screen in front of you. And in the case of Marina Angel, being able to taste what's in front of you is a very good thing indeed. We begin, as any self-respecting man would, by licking Marina Angel's pussy. Her pussy is small and tight, and it's cleanly shaven. So it's not hard to imagine our tongues moving over that smooth hairless flesh as the heat from her touches her face and she writhes in pleasure. See, we told you we got into this first person stuff in this video. We love the combination of the soft pink tongue moving the softer still tan clitoris. There's not build up or scene setting with these videos. We're just instantly grabbing Marina Angel's perfect ass and undressing her. Then we have her down tonguing her pussy. Here we have Marina Angel cutting her eyes up at us as she sucks our balls during a blow job. Her tiny hand moves furiously up and down our shaft. As small as she is and as big as we are, there is no way she could get our whole cock in her mouth. But that doesn't stop her from trying repeatedly and she goes deeper and deeper, taking more than we ever thought she would be able to. We realize how frail and tiny she looks there next to us, like our cock should completely overwhelm her. But if she's overwhelmed she doesn't show it, she just keeps sucking and jerking. Here we have Marina Angel down, taking her ankles in our hands and pushing them back above her head to give us a better angle to hit her G spot. From the look on her face, the technique is working for us. We love the way she rests her tiny hands on our things. We also love the feeling of being inside her, ramming in and out with our big cock. It seems our cock should tear apart someone so tiny, but she wriggles under us and enjoys every minute of it. We love the look on her face, like a mixture of surprise and pleasure. It's as if she can' believe its us giving her the fucking of her life. Here we have moved inside to fuck Marina Angel on the staircase. We love the view here because her perfect bubble butt is show off to perfect effect as she bounces off our hips. That soft, shapely ass flattens and expands to full size again with each thrust, so that we are struck by how beautiful it is each time we pull back from her. We also love the feeling of having our hands around her waist. It feels as if we could stretch just the tiniest bit and our fingers would meet, having completely encircled her tiny waist. Here we hold hands with Marina Angel as she sits atop our cock. From here her small tits look even more perfect as they bounce up and down. She slides up and down our pole, doing all the work. But we can't help but bring our hips forward and she bounces down, squeezing out that last little bit of contact and going that much deeper inside of her. The look on her face is a mixture of pleasure and pain, it reassures us that we're doing a good job riding that line. Her hands in ours lets us feel her trust for us, her affection for us. And as we take up one final position, Marina Angel is sitting atop up, facing away from us. We hate to lose the view of her tits and face, but we love gaining the view of her perfect ass. Again she is doing all the work, but we can't help but bring our hips up off the bed at the end of each stroke to get just a little deeper inside of her. Okay, we're back. We did the first person thing and kinda liked it. The quality of the videos, especially on the pay site at POVD really help heighten the image that it is you there fucking and being sucked. And when you're dealing with smoking hot Latina Marina Angel, being there is a good place to be. We highly recommend clicking the banner and heading over to watch the full length video. Spending more time in first person paradise with Marina Angel is a very, very good thing.
  This is another one of those videos Porn Pros is famous for that literally has it all. We've got some serious girl on girl action between Latina Marina Angel and Stella Ann. Then we have a threesome featuring a lesbian 69 and every 3 way position you can imagine. And we end up with cum swapping between Marina Angel and Stella Ann. There really isn't any room for improvement. Our favorite frequent Latina lesbian Marina Angel has returned to join in another threesome. Marina Angel is on her back being made out with by the more dominant seeming Stella Ann. Stella Ann is kissing her, but they seem more like friendly kisses than passionate kisses. Though Stella's hand is on Marina Angel's tit working it over pretty good. There is a fair amount of lesbian foreplay both in the run up to this freeze frame and in the seconds that follow it. It's hot stuff and well worth a look. We just wish Stella Ann would unpucker and kiss Marina Angel the way she deserves to be kissed: deep and passionate. As the Latina lesbian action continues, we're forced to ask the following question: where is the evidence that Marina Angel is Latina? Her skin tone is more of the golden shade you get from tanning than the warmer brown you see on Latinas. Her nipples aren't white girl pink, but they're not the pale brown of Latinas either. Marina Angel is a hot body, gorgeous woman but we're more inclined to put her down as ethnicity: indeterminate. Stella Ann already seems to be enjoying her self more. Maybe she's just not a kisser? She certainly seems to enjoy Marina Angel's nipples. But we can already tell you that this is going to be one of those lesbian heavy introductions that is going to make it hard for us to believe it when a guy joins in later. These girls just don't look like they're missing a man. Okay, credible or not, we don't care. Marina Angel sucking your balls while Stella Ann sucks your dick is compelling video, whether or not the girls were missing a man before. But any time you watch a Porn Pros video you find touches that just add to making a more beautiful image than you would get from any other producer. You can see just such a touch in this image. Having the girls in a tight embrace while they blow the guy is a nice touch, but having them lined up so they're pressed nipple to nipple is a Passion HD touch. These guys really never miss a chance to add the kind of detail you can't find anywhere else. Here Stella Ann has kissed her way down Marina Angel's body, pausing to suck her nipples, before working her way down to her crotch. Once there she started going down on her. The whole while, Marina Angel is getting gently face fucked by the guy. She seems less like a Latina lesbian when she's working a fat cock like she is here. And we hate to harp, but while all three of these performers have beautiful golden complexions, Marina Angel is the fairest skin of the three. Throw in the blonde hair and it just does not scream Latina. If a girl is making out with another girl, but there happens to be a cock they're making out around, does that make them lesbians or not? We still like to think of Marina Angel in this video as a Latina lesbian, if for no other reason than the alliteration. This was hot but hardly unprecedented as Marina Angel sucked on his balls and Stella Ann sucked on his shaft. But then they started doing this out of the mouth tongue kissing with the head of his dick between their lips. We love the way both girls still have their eyes closed and seem like they're just kissing each other and haven't notice the sausage that has slipped into the picture. Jackpot! Another lesbian 69. In case you can't tell that's Marina Angel on her back and Stella Ann on top of her, each girl going down on the other. The guy is working his dick into the picture but at this point his just couldn't be more superfluous. They had a little Latina lesbian make out session and he wasn't even around. They managed to give him a blow job and it was more about them kissing each other than it was about him. Now they're joining together in a lesbian 69, one of the few sexual positions that is in no way enhanced by the addition of a third person. There's a lot going on in this scene, Our little Latina lesbian is still eating pussy, even while she gets fucked sideways (literally) by the dude. Meanwhile Stella Ann is making out with the dude as she straddles Marina Angel's face. But the real focus in this image for perfect ass fans is the small tight bubble butt of Stella Ann in this clip. It's a very round, beautiful bubble butt that is more towards the lean side of things with just enough cushion to make the bubble happen. Here we have both Stella Ann and the dude on their backs as he fucks her. But Latina lesbian Marina Angel is still getting in her licks as she makes out with Stella Ann. From this angle we can also see that Stella Ann has some very nice medium size tits. She also has a beautifully smooth pussy, shaved completely clean with no bumps or blemishes to it. We just can't let one of these go by without stopping the action. Here Marina Angle has decided that Stella Ann and the dude need a little lubrication so she's dangled a long line of spit. Even though she's delicately holding her hair back adn being all girly, seeing a woman spitting during sex just makes her seem so raw and deliciously dirty. Seeing her spit to lube up some other chick getting fucked by a guy makes her seem downright slutty, but we absolutely love it. And we end up with the dude cumming on Marina Angel's face and in her mouth. She spits out the cum that when in her mouth then turns to Stella Ann. Stella Ann eagerly grabs her and licks the jizz off in a very sexy cum swapping. Consider for a minute all you've seen packed into this eleven minute video and then realize just how much incredible hotness must be packed into the full length video. This is simply one you have to see. Click the banner below, jump over to Porn Pros, and pay just $1 and get access to the full scene for 24 hours. You'll also get access to everything Porn Pros has to offer.
  This is video by Fantasy HD would make and man's fantasy want to come true. Keisha Gray is amazing how she rubs her fine bubble butt and her huge tits. From there she will make your mind wonder on what Keisha Gry has in store fro you next. The bathroom trip into the hot bath water would make any man want to scream out Damn Babe! As the Movie from Fantasy HD has really put it all into order what a man would really love to happen. Wow! What a tan little bubble butt that Keisha Grey has on her? That perfect little butt butt. I wonder just how Keisha Grey got such a fine little bubble butt on her. That ass is flawless and the way she rubs it makes me what to go and rub one out. Keisha Grey is one little hottie from the top of her head to her toes. Keisha Grey is amazing at what she does and how she does it!   As Keisha Grey rubs her huge tits and gives you the feeling like you are right in the bath tube with her. Keisha Grey has got some perfect tits on her. What would you do if she put them huge tits in your face? How would you react to being in the tub with her rubbing Keisha Grey Huge tits? MMMMM sounds like a good time to me. Her nipples are so perfect and great i guess it goes good with the rest of her body. I wonder where her hands will go next?   As Keisha grey has rubbed her huge tits and slowly moves down her stomach and then Keisha Grey finds that magic spot that every woman loves to have rubbed. I bet she is thinking about us to get her self off. Keisha Grey moves her hands up and down until she can do the work herself. Keisha Grey will make any mans fantasy want to come true. As Keisha Grey is pouring that hot oil on her hot body and rubbing her huge tits would make any man to want to walk up behind her and start helping Keisha Grey spreed that oil over her huge tits as it runs down her hot body into other parts of her body. Damn I'm getting pumped just thinking about the things that i could do to her and all the oil we might would use in one night. Keisha grey looks that this might be pleasuring her. As the dude is sticking his finger in her wet hot pussy and licking it on the magic spot. i bet that hot little pussy taste so good that it would make anyone want to eat it all night long. His tongue must feel like its in heaven because of how wet hes made Keisha Grey. Keisha Grey"s got one hot little wet pussy right now. Keisha Grey"s fine wet pussy could stroke my cock all night long. Keisha Grey has got a fine little bubble butt it makes me want to reach out and slap that perfect ass one time just to hear her scream and tell me she wanted more of it. That cock in her wet pussy makes me wish that was my cock she was on. Keisha Grey is one hot porn star from the front side to the back side. Well from Keisha Grey's Hot wet pussy now to her huge fine tits. Keisha grey is rubbing her huge tits and that cock at one time. Just imagine if that was your cock that she was rubbing in her huge tits. Keisha Grey looks so into this cock being rubbed in between her huge tits. Them huge tits that Keisha Grey has makes me want to reach out and grab them and help her. What a trooper Keisha Grey has been? Damn she is one hot porn star! That cum shot going right into her beautiful face with them big lips trying to catch every drop that he has produced. Keisha Grey is still rubbing her huge tits as she is trying to swallowing his cum load from his dick. Keisha Grey is one hot porn star with her bubble butt and her huge tits. Keisha Grey knows how to make any mans Fantasy came true by just watching a video from Fantasy HD. Well i think we was all pleased by the way Keisha Grey started off by taking care of business herself then allowed a cock to come into the picture with her. Make sure you click the banner and check out the full video from Fantasy HD.   Feeling the need to talk to somebody live? Check out our friends at thephonesexauthority.

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You can now watch all the super hot full-length videos in the Passion HD library for just $1. Click Here for the special offer! The focus of this video for us was Madison Ivy giving a hand job. The video actually feels like it features every possible sex act in every conceivable position, but we just could not get over the hand job. We'll talk more about it later but it's a fine piece of film. Passion HD pulled off a coup when they got Madison Ivy to work with them so many times. She's gorgeous and sexy as hell. And she has a wild combination of being a tiny harmless-looking woman and at the same time having a wild banshee in her eyes and facial expressions. The running theme of this video is hands, and more specifically a hand job. So in the beginning, the hand job is a game of strip poker. That interests us less than just what you can see in this image, this is why Madison Ivy is a porn superstar. First are those eyes. We have never seen anyone who could look at you like you were a meal they might just chew up and swallow at any moment. It's hot and maybe just a little frightening, which makes it hotter. You also see those big beautiful tits of Madison Ivy, which even covered are impossible not to stare at. We love nudity as much as anyone, but someone like this girl who can be a turn on without showing anything is really something special.     All of which brings us to the reason Perfect Ass loves Madison Ivy. That beautiful perfect bubble butt. Not a dent, dimple, or trace of cellulite anywhere. And she's fit enough that her ass is exactly the same amount of roundness on top as it is on bottom. A little more fat or a little less muscle and she would have a droop to the bottom of her ass which would make a pinch in the top of it, creating a teardrop ass. But not Madison Ivy. This is a perfectly round bottom, the perfect ass bubble butt champion of all time. In case you're wondering, the hand job in this scene was Madison Ivy slapping that round ass repeatedly. This is the first of not one but two titty fuck sequences in this video. You think Passion HD doesn't know how great those tits are? Strange as it sounds, its the hand job in this sequence that fascinates us the most. Look at her tiny hands pressing her tits together, the fingers are trailing down the shaft of her lover's cock. As good as the titty fuck would feel, the light tickle of those small fingers on your big hard cock would send electricity through your whole body. And it is just the kind of detail that it seems unlikely some director told her to do. This is Madison Ivy and she would be like fucking a hurricane. Then there was our absolute favorite part. You've got her sweet face leaned into yours, mouths almost but not quite touching. You can feel her long dark hair tickling your chest, the heat from those big firm tits. You've got the weight of her thighs on yours as she straddles you. The you have the iron grip of those tiny hands on your big cock stroking you furiously. Now tell the truth... Did you really imagine that without jerking off? If so you are SOOO on the wrong site. Or quite possibly dead. Our condolences either way. This freeze frame literally makes us shiver when we stare at it. And boy have we stared at it. The look in her eyes would honestly make us think twice before letting her anywhere near our cock. Is it heat and lust? Or is she thinking of what your flesh would taste like as she chewed it up? There is no way to tell. But if your cock has to go, what better way to go than down Madison Ivy's throat. And the hand job in this scene is clearly those tiny hands on the huge hard cock, she looks like she could barely close her hands around it. And we can't move on without mentioning that big soft tongue and the kind of wet stickly blow job it would give. Madison Ivy is just perfect in every way.   The hand job in this scene is Madison Ivy holding on to her lover's cock and pulling it backward and forth while she raises and lowers her perfect ass. We've seen her do this in other videos and it still makes us catch our breath. The way she moves the two causes the head of the guy's dick to just slip inside her pussy and back out on some passes, while on others it catches on the edge of her asshole and you're holding your breath hoping she is going to do anal. In the end we don't get anal but we definitely get a boner from the hand job and the teasing that comes with it. The teasing rapidly comes to an end when the next hand job starts with Madison Ivy spitting on her lover's cock to lube it up for another round of titty fucking. But we choose this image to freeze frame on because the sight of a beautiful woman spitting on your cock is inexplicably hot. Is it because we want women to be ladylike and polite until we get into bed then we want them to get as down and dirty as it comes? That's the explanation we're going with and Madison Ivy spitting on a cock is as down and dirty as it gets. What makes he uniquely Madison Ivy is when she puts her mouth on the head of his cock slurps a little bit of the loogie back into her mouth. A cross between a sex goddess and a tom boy. Which brings us to the second round of titty fucking. We stopped here for three reasons. First, it's Madison Ivy getting titty fucked. Are you kidding? Why wouldn't we stop? Second, the first titty fuck looked better, but this one looks like it would feel better. And third is the look on her face. She has that predatory animal look again but this time she's biting her lower lip making it seem like she's thoroughly turned on by what she's doing. And no matter how good something feels, it feels better when it seems like the woman is being turned on by doing it. Is that our inner need to please?     We apologize for the somewhat blurry nipples, but Madison Ivy was really going up and down that pole and it just wasn't possible to get a clear shot. Make all the puns you want there. One thing we marvel at is just how small a woman Madison Ivy is. The big cock of the dude in this video looks more like she's growing a third leg than like something that would fit inside of her. Where is she going to put it all? And the hand job in this clip is undoubtedly the hands in the hair. Is there a guy in the world who can resist a hot girl with long hair running her hands through that hair in ecstasy? Was there anything at all that this video missed? We think you'll agree that there was just something magical about the literal Madison Ivy hand job though that made it stand out above the many, many other acts in this video. It never fails to amaze us how great the videos produced by Passion HD always are. But its at least partly because they get the hottest, sexiest, and most talented performers in the industry. Take a minute to visit their site and if you've been a good boy lately, give yourself a subscription as a reward. For just $1 you can get an all-access pass to everything Passion HD has. Click here to get your $1 membership!
  In this video from Passion HD we get a Madison Ivy 69, in addition to some very hot oral and fucking. But at least in all the videos we have seen, this is the first 69. And it has definitely been at the top of our wish list. We're definitely big fans of the 69, whether to watch or to engage in. Have you ever noticed how women don't seem to be as big of fans? And the more they like giving oral (and receiving oral) they don't seem to want to do both at the same time. Maybe it has something to do with the height difference. Do we even need to explain why we stopped here? That beautiful round bubble butt of Madison Ivy. It's just laying there all perfect and innocent and ready to be pounced And pounced it will be before the end of this video, though sadly we still won't get too see anal with Madison Ivy. But the Madison Ivy 69 that is later to come is something we've been wishing for since we started watching her, so maybe the anal is still to come? The good folks at Passion HD never seem to run out of time to make all our porn dreams come true. This is a great visual and one we enjoy every time we see it from Madison Ivy and strangely enough, we never seem to see it from anybody else. You have this tiny little woman, not even 5 feet tall working over this huge cock. And she's giving her man these eyes like she's thinking, "I can't decide whether to suck it or bite it off." Madison Ivy is just dangerous on the verge of frightening and nothing is more exhilarating than being naked and vulnerable with a woman who might, just might eat you alive.   Beyond the perfect ass, here is the other star of any Madison Ivy video. Those are 32Ds, but because she is so small they look like double Ds. They might look a little lop-sided in this freeze frame but that's because she is bouncing all over the place as her man fucks the hell out of her. Her big tits are in fact perfectly round (like her perfect ass) with nipples that are still small enough to suggest these may be big natural tits. The tight nipples are just a little bigger than a quarter and are as chewable as any we have ever seen. This is another patented Madison Ivy move. When we've seen it before she was holding the guys cock instead of him holding it, but it works out the same either way. The cock gets pushed back and forth and she undulates her hips up and down, back and forth. The result of these two sets of motions is that the tip of his dick presses just inside her, then just as quickly slips back out on some passes. On other passes, the head sort of snags on her asshole and it looks like he's about to enter her anally. And all us perfect ass fans can do nothing but sit on the edge of our chair with our breath held wondering if this will be the time Madison Ivy finally takes it up the ass. But it isn't.   Yes, we're showing you a lot of stuff besides the promised Madison Ivy 69, but there is always an incredible amount of sexy stuff to see and love in any of her videos. In this case it is some fairly straight forward, albeit still hot, woman on top fucking. But with Madison Ivy there are always two angles to watch: the action and the view. In this case it is all about the view as that perfect ass makes another breathtaking appearance. Her ass is really extraordinary. Look how perfectly round it is, the kind of round that comes from being completely fit but having cushion in all the right places. No fat, no dimples, no cellulite. Just ample muscle to hold a just full enough butt and keep it from drooping anywhere. As promised, the Madison Ivy 69. This takes up a good portion of the video to be just one position but it is one of those very nearly legendary positions. And it earns its reputation. Yes, it can be a little confusing and yes receiving oral sex can be a distraction when you're trying to give oral sex. But that moment when you hit just the right spot on your woman and she moans with your whole cock in her mouth, sending vibrations down the shaft and pleasure through your whole body is a pleasure feedback loop that no other position or act can even come close to duplicating. We froze this scene because we can't decide whether to be turned on or offended at the rough handling of Madison Ivy's ass as her lover uses that luscious rump as a handlebar while he's fucking her. We can't help but think this wouldn't feel too good for her, but either way we are against this sort of treatment of her ass! We want to be enjoying this ass for the rest of her youth all the way into her MILF days. What if numb nuts makes it lopsided or droopy? Does this dick take crayons with him when he visits the art museum? Then he needs to refrain from damaging this national treasure. We love this bit of the video because so many expressions flash over Madison Ivy's face one after another. There's pleasure like you see here, but with Madison Ivy it's usually something that looks darker. At its most innocuous it would be along the lines of "Do me harder." Other times it just looks like she gets so hot and then she has to kill and eat her lover. Which, comes to think of it, might be a reason why a Madison Ivy 69 (while a blast to watch) might not be the best idea. If you did too good a job licking her snatch, you could overheat her and she'd just chew you up and swallow you from the cock up. In the end the dude pulls out and finishes himself by hand. We've seen Madison Ivy give a hand job before, he should have let her do it. But the cum flies and she gets a thick icing on her pussy and lower stomach. Again, the facial expression is classic. She looks like she's just discovered that she ate the last bowl of ice cream last night when she was planning on eating it tonight. Kind of a shock and disappoint kind of thing. In the end this video was all it was cracked up to be and more. We get the very rare treat of seeing a Madison Ivy 69 as well as lots of hot fucking and oral. But do remember, this is just a teaser trailer for the whole video. Is your mind reeling as much as ours? Passion HD not only delivers the goods, they over deliver. And with years worth of HD videos of the hottest performers on the net in every position, act, and fantasy, their pay site is a resource no man should be without. It goes beyond spank bank and into spank federal reserve. Click the banner and make a withdrawal.
  There was a time when Passion HD would take a star like Madison Ivy and put her in a romantic vision sort of video. Their sister site, Fantasy HD, was all naughty nurses and French maids, but Passion HD was fancy clothes, romantic settings, and lots of foreplay. We think the idea was to have porn you could watch with your wife. Your wife would think you were getting all turned on over the romantic setting and you could secretly break out into a sweat over a hottie like Madison Ivy. Make no mistake, these were still full on raunchy porn videos, but they were just a little different in tone. This video seems to hearken back to those days. This clip actually begins with Madison Ivy setting a dinner table. Or at least throwing a sheet looking thing on a big wooden table and setting a plate on it. But she's wearing a gauzy white dress and a shiny silver necklace so we think we're meant to think, romantic dinner for two. Her husband (we presume?) comes downstairs and is far too hungry for Madison Ivy to worry about dinner. He starts working on those big tits of hers and in exchange gets a nice pre-sex blow job. In response he throws her on the table and begins to eat her instead of dinner. No matter what diet you prefer, we think he made the right choice. Whoops, got it out of order. The blow job actually comes after he eats her. So if he hadn't gone down on her, do you think she would have just thanked him for the cuddles and continued with dinner? For some reason the words, "Quit, dammit! I have to set the fucking table," echo through our minds. Maybe we just married the wrong women. Regardless, we damned sure divorced the right ones! But back to the sex. Even with all the romance we see classic Madison Ivy here. First off is the hot/wicked/possibly insane eye contact that always makes her even hotter than she started off. Second are the gorgeous, perfect 32Ds. And third is the perpetually sex hungry Madison Ivy furiously stroking her clit while she blows him. This girl knows how to do it for herself. Here Madison Ivy's husband is fucking her passionately and just going to town on those big tits. Who can blame him. We're not sure we would even have the presence of mind to fuck somebody as hot and stacked as Madison Ivy. We'd just bury our faces in her chest until she took out a restraining order. We will take this moment to note that we're glad we're seeing the real tan skin version of Madison Ivy again. There were some videos out there where she ventured foolishly into the world of spray-on tans and was a disturbing shade of orange. She looked like she should be doing porn with Carrot Top, which would be the biggest promotion of his life. This just a fantastic shot of her rack. We can't say we have a high degree of certainty that her breasts are naturally that big, but we can say with full authority that we don't give a shit. We just don't think if Madison Ivy had natural tits, they would stand up this perfectly when she was lying on her back. Now granted, she's getting fucked and that makes them bounce. Then we freeze framed them in mid bounce, so the whole thing could be taken out of context. In favor of natural is the fact that she still has chewable little nipples instead of the big stretched things you see when women go from B cups to D cups. And of course there is her perfect round ass. Taken together we think she is just a very small woman with a perfect ass and perfect tits. We come back to this position for two reasons. First, Madison Ivy is naked on her back and we can see her magnificent rack. And as mind boggling as it seems, her tits look even better her than they did in the previous frame. As your proud purveyors of porn we can promise you we will never miss a chance to show you Madison Ivy's tits. The second reason we come back to this position is because they did. That was the way Passion HD clips used to work with lots of cutting back and forth between different camera angles of the same position, which I suppose women must like. But men just like being able to focus on one position until there is a new one. You'll notice that second style predominates in Passion HD now. This is absolutely priceless. You have Madison Ivy of all people looking over her should at the dude fucking her as if she's afraid he's going to hurt her. If you've watched many videos with Madison Ivy you know the exact opposite is true. She's more likely to ride the poor cock till he's dead then finger her clit over his corpse until she screams her orgasm into his eternity. We're not criticizing her acting abilities, but fear is just one emotion that does not belong on the face of this wildcat. Perfect ass fans, you're welcome! Here we have a perfect shot of Madison Ivy getting fucked while we stare at her legendary (at least among us) perfect round ass. This woman has an ass that deserves its own wing in the Smithsonian. It is perfectly round, the kind of round you can't get unless you're in really good shape. Any less fit and it pulls on the bottom and pinches on the top and, boom, you've got a teardrop ass. Madison Ivy also has a perfect ass because here as every other time we have ever seen her there is not a trace of cellulite, no dimples, no dents, no blemishes, and no zits. Not just perfect, her ass is flawless. After our fantastic view of that ass we come to the tight close up of the cum shot. The dude actually has Madison Ivy on her side fucking her in that position while he's standing. Frankly that position just left us confused and a little dizzy. But after a bit he pulls out, jerks off, and shoots his load on her perfect ass. And what makes this classic Madison Ivy? The whole time that's going on she's got 2 fingers in her snatch working it furiously. Madison Ivy is not a selfish lover, you just happen to be little more than a self-activating dildo. In service of that, who could ask to be anything more? So did you manage to bond with your wife over this romantic, beautifully shot adult video of a woman and her devoted husband? Hell, no. She got once glimpse of it, smacked you on the head, and called you a pervert. The lesson? Don't share your damned porn with your wife! Romance aside this is a great classic Passion HD video that shows that going all the way back to the beginning, they were making super hot videos with the absolute hottest women. Now consider how long they've been doing and how much fantastic porn is available on their web site, just waiting for you to click that little banner at the top or bottom. Go ahead and click it. You can tell your wife you bought it for her.
  Keisha Grey is not hard to love. With a body that's almost a hard body but still soft enough to cuddle up to, a sweet pouty mouth, and a pair of absolutely huge tits, Keisha Grey could start her own porn industry. She has almost all the bases covered all by herself. But this video features a Keisha Grey creampie, not something you get to see just every day. When we were reviewing videos for inclusion we knew we wanted more Keisha Grey because everybody loves her, but there were some videos that were just kind of "been there, done that." But a Keisha Grey creampie is a rare treat. So let's get rolling! Perfect Ass fans, you're welcome. The bubble butt of Keisha Grey straight up in the air, doing some truly wonderful things to a pair of blue stockings. I think these are supposed to make us think they are workout tights, because she's ostensibly working out with her personal trainer in this first bit, but these are not tights. If so, we'd never leave the gym. If you can see the skin tone through them, they are stockings. Now we know that some of you are howling in delight at the stockings while others are howling in pain because you want to see bouncy bubble butt naked. Well, stocking will just have to do for now. Even though this is a perfect ass web site (maybe we should do a perfect tits web site?) we do not discriminate against those out there who are breast men. And honestly Keisha Grey would make breast men out of all of us. With those beautiful DDs we all would take turns being her 18 hour support. Yes, we remember we promised you a Keisha Grey creampie and you will get a Keisha Grey creampie, but this video has ALL kinds of goodies between here and there and we plan to savor every moment. The good news for those of you who were howling in torture in the previous paragraph is that those blue stockings are about to be a thing of the past. And, whoomp, there it is! The gorgeous bubble butt perfection of Keisha Grey naked as the day she was born and taking center screen. Tell us now, you just love our new freeze frame articles, don't you? Yeah, we knew it. What is there to say? Here's what. That is no small dumper but there is not a trace of cellulite on her anywhere. It's just a big, beautiful perfect ass. And we do mean perfect. There isn't a blemish, a dimple, a dent, nothing! She's got a hint of a tan line. If not for that we would believe she was a cartoon drawing of a perfect ass. She is the reason we started this web site! The fact that Keisha Grey has 32DD tits is great, but look at them. Even lying back getting her pussy eaten, they remain firm and upright. And from this angle you really can see just what a stunningly beautiful woman Keisha Grey is. She has wavy light brown hair and a perky little nose with just a little up tilt at the end. And her mouth and lips look small, but her lips are still seductive and elegantly curved. And all of that is before you get to the giant knockers and tight, hot little body. Keisha Grey is another performer we have watched eagerly over several different videos and she is definitely getting in better shape. She was always hot, but she is just almost a hard body now and she was softer before. Fortunately she didn't lose any of the softness in her tits or perfect ass. Keisha Grey titty fuck? Keisha Grey titty fuck! We came here for a Keisha Grey creampie and got a bonus Keisha Grey titty fuck. But then, fucking Keisha Grey without putting your cock in the cocoon formed by those giant mounds is like visiting the Grand Canyon with your eyes closed. Why would you? That she can combine a titty fuck and oral sex at the same time is also truly spectacular. Notice in the video the way after she licks the head of his dick at the end of each stroke a few times, she turns her head and laughs. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is a complete cock-twisting super fuck and knows it. We had to give you a shot of Keisha Grey's soul patch and the massive bounce those 32DDs make when she is getting the shit fucked out of her. We suppose you'd have to be careful with timing of your thrusts or one of those fun bags could go wild and kill the camera man. But what a way to go. And boom, there it is. The long-awaited Keisha Grey creampie. If you're a creampie fan, it requires no further explanation. And if you're not, you're probably not going to get the appeal anyway. What we can all agree on is that even Keisha Grey's snatch is beautiful perfection! Small and tight, even though she has just gotten fucked. Kissed with bright pink in the middle and labia and a crotch that are smooth and hairless without any of the bumps or blemishes the ladies who are bare down there usually seem to sport. As we mentioned in the beginning, we wanted more than just a Keisha Grey video, we wanted something that stood out. And a Keisha Grey creampie video certainly qualifies as outstanding. But add to that some incredible shots of her bubble butt both in blue stockings and out and you have a perfect ass fan's dream come true. But then they upped the ante with that titty fucking/cock licking scene. The folks at Passion HD are very artistic and make beautiful videos, but you would do well to remember that they are porn people first and foremost and they know exactly what porn fans want. Every video promises the goods and then delivers even more than they promised. You still haven't subscribed? Click the banner already and reward yourself.
  We are in for such a treat today. Porn Pros offers up a down and dirty threesome with two bubble butts, Natasha White and the smokin' hot Chloe Amour. Chloe Amour, for the 3 of you out there who don't know this is a Cherokee/Mexican American ultra hottie. She has the long straight black hair of her Cherokee ancestors and golden brown skin and slightly dark nipples of a Latina. And while we're talking about Chloe Amour's nipples, they are literally perfect. Small and tight but not too small. Perfect quarter sized nipples with tight, chew-able aureole. And this isn't a feature you hear talked about a lot in porn, but she has smoldering eyes that will literally set you on fire. This threesome gets right down to business with Chloe Amour on her knees kissing the due while Natasha White sucks his cock. From here we can see just how perfect the tits are on Chloe Amour. Her tits are high and tight with nipples you could put your eye out on. And look at that hair, it hits her in mid back. We can just imagine that silky black hair splayed all over our pillow. You can also see just how big and sensual her mouth is, with thick lips. This girl would give a blow job you'd kill for. None of this is to diminish Natasha White. She's got even smaller, tighter nipples than Chloe Amour and a lithe, muscular body. She also has that angry white girl screaming "Fuck me!" look to her that makes you just want to pound her till she passes out. This is our favorite thing about threesomes, having one girl suck your cock while the other sucks your balls. You believe us, right? That we have enough threesomes to have a favorite part? Oh, we totally do. We had one just yesterday with Sara Luvv. Oh, wait, we WATCHED a threesome yesterday with Sara Luvv in it. Damn. Well it's still the hottest part. Natasha White smoking your pole while Chloe Amour swallows your balls? It just doesn't get any better than that. And the image of the black hair flowing off to the right while the light brown hair flows off to the left? Perfect! Next up we find Chloe Amour's perfect ass in the air as she leans over the due. Meanwhile, he has his rather impressively long finger buried up to the first knuckle in her bubble butt. Natasha White is still working the blow job, using her hand to help her do what her mouth alone can't. There is a lot of beautiful skin in this shot. The golden bronze of Natasha White and the creamy brown of Chloe Amour. Is there even a commentary that can be applied to this shot other than "Yum?" Light brown skin for as far as the eye can see. Jet black hair spilling everywhere. And look at those tits! Chloe Amour is a muscular girl, you can tell it by the lines at the base of her tits and those abs you could bounce a nickel off of. And then that sweet sweet pussy wrapped around the lucky dude's face as she takes her hand and forces his face deeper and deeper in. Chloe Amour is not a girl who is afraid to just shove you where she wants you. Is there no end to the goodies this clip has in store for us? Natasha White pressed down into the covers with Chloe Amour swallowing her snatch. The dude doing Chloe Amour doggie style. And this is just one of those moments where the whole (or hole) is greater than the sum of its parts. Either of these pairings would be wicked hot, but put all three of them together in a nasty sexy threesome and it just goes beyond what you can see from any two people. You had to know we would pause things here with our obsession with Chloe Amour. Do you think we could start an online petition to get a threesome starring Chloe Amour and Sara Luvv? I don't think we would ever recover from that one. Here we have our Chloe Amour in all her glory... eyes closed, lips slack in passion, every muscle from her neck to her chest to her legs and no doubt her pussy clenched tight. She is riding that dick and there is just no part of her that is not liking it. We need some sort of fluid replenishment after that threesome. Our favorite part really was the way the girls pushed each other. Chloe Amour and Natasha White took turns working each other's and their own clits, nipples, and bodies as a whole. Sometimes it looked like they were trying to drive each other into a sexual frenzy. Sometimes it looked like they were trying to get the dude so worked up they killed him. At every moment they just appeared to be having fun and really, really turned on. This did not look like a sexual performance, it looked like good sex.
  Passion-hd.com brings us a Latina threesome staring the incredible Sara Luvv and Giselle Mari. The covert around and, we are assuming, very near a pool. This holds with every other Sara Luvv video we've ever seen because she's always near a pool. This time she's in nothing but a bikini bottom shooting selfies with her phone. The only question we want answered is: how do you get on that mailing list? Is there a price? A subscription? Actually, there sort of is. Just subscribe to Passion HD because they bring us Sara Luvv goodies with cock tingling frequency. Do not ask us why there are bubbles floating through the air. We have no clue. What we do know is that Giselle Mari is going down on Sara Luv, a prelude to a Latina threesome. While Sara Luvv is a Latina, Giselle Mari is white, but with the complexions, hair colors, and faces they could easily be sisters. The biggest difference, and this is really straining, is that Sara Luvv has brown hair and Giselle Mari has black hair. But Sara Luvv is in the video, so what do we know for sure? We are poolside! Perfect Ass can now reveal the greatest secret in the porn industry, Sara Luvv is a mermaid. They have to shoot poolside to keep her from drying out! Of course, we're only referring to her skin drying out. That luscious brown pussy wouldn't dry out in a million years. Giselle Mari's tongue piercing makes Sara Luvv a very lucky girl. Frankly we'd like to see Giselle Mari get into it more. If she wants to play in the Latina threesome, she should act like she's just won the lotery. She's treating the one of a kind Sara Luvv a little like a hairy Popsicle, giving her tongue flicks but not really getting her mouth around it. Man or woman, we defy you to find yourself between those creamy brown thighs without taking a deep breath and going face down in a hurry! And look at that stomach? We are definitely falling in love with Sara Luv. Of course, as porn viewers we are terrible greatful for Giselle Mari's restraint because if she did what we wanted to do, the view would be criminally obscured. Let the Latina threesome begin! The luckiest cock to ever get sucked is featured here. How do you get this job? Sara Luvv is sucking his cock with Giselle Mari sucks his balls. The only drawback we can see is that with all those bangles, if these two girls high five over a cock well sucked that dude is going to be a John Wayne Bobbit victim in a big hurry. This image reveals that in addition to all her other virtues, Sara Luvv has a big mushy tongue to give a perfect, soft blow job. She has to have a flaw somewhere, but we can't see it. Here we find the anonymous cock on bottom, fucking Sara Luvv as her small perfect ass gives as much jiggle as it can. We also see that Giselle Mari, who is fingering Sara Luv's hole, has a small ass. Not to be nit pickers, but again we find a small flaw. In the real world, you would, as briefly as possible, take your hands off of Sara Luvv to pull Giselle Mari's snatch straight down onto your waiting face. The Latina threesome is even better than we had hoped for. The cock is on bottom with Giselle Mari giving him the reverse cowgirl and Sara Luvv straddling his face. Sara Luvv is also very in to fondling the her partner's small tits. But again, there are a disturbing and distracting number of bubbles in the scene. Why do we need that? Did they think we would get bored with two of the hottest women we have ever seen combining with a man in every position conceivable? If you get bored with that, get your attention span checked, pronto. You might also want to get your pulse checked, because you might be dead. The Latina threesome finally reveals who the cock underneath that pile of babes has been all along. And? We don't give a shit. We do give a shit about seeing Sara Luvv getting a doggy style pounding while she sucks the clit of Giselle Mari. Also notice that unlike her friend, she isn't holding back and flicking at it with her tongue. The pinnacle of porn perfection is face down and not even using her hands to support her weight, she's just relying on pussy to defy gravity. There is an utterly spectacular amount of kissing going on in this bit. Sara Luvv is kissing her friend's twat. Giselle Mari is kissing the random dude. And the bubble's are kissing the limits of our sanity. Would anybody use an old-fashioned camera to get a grainy effect when shooting the Latina threesome? Would that have some jerk running back and forth in front of the lens? Then why the fuck are we looking at these damned bubbles? We may need to calm down. The Latina threesome roars to a finish with the dude finishing himself off by hand (jerk, that many chicks in the room and he has to jerk off?) and shooting in Giselle Mari's face and mouth. She appears to have no hesitation as, with mouth wide open, she lets him shoot at high velocity right down her throat. Now that is taking one for the team. We're going to just forget about the bubbles. You know they there. We know they were there. But despite the bubbles, this clip features the hottest Latina threesome we have ever seen. Giselle Mari is beatiful and sexy. Sara Luvv is the object of our undying obsession. The sets were pretty. The positions were creative without looking stupid or obscuring our view of the best parts. This is classic Passion HD, a hot as Hell video without any real drawback.
  Anikka Albrite is an old-school blonde bombshell with a curvy figure and platinum locks. The categorization of her ass does present a problem, though. Typically when we talk about ghetto booty we're talking about an ass that is so over-sized as to be out of all proportion with the rest of the body. But if not a ghetto booty, then what? It's not bubble butt because it lacks the bounce on the bottom. And its not a teardrop ass because it doesn't droop. That still leaves lots of other categories, but they're so far off as to be unworthy of consideration. Could this reflect a weakness in the Perfect Ass classification scheme? Could the perfect ass rating system itself be imperfect? Perish the thought! We'll just call her a ghetto booty and elaborate that she describes classification. As this is an ass web site and Anikka Albrite has hit superstar status based solely on the strength of her ass, we thought we'd give you two videos that are all about the ass even if it doesn't leave us a whole a lot to say. Better a beautiful booty in silence than a lengthy article about a shabby ass. Where else would we start but with Anikka Albrite's butt? It is beautiful, smooth, round, and big. And for you fans of back door action, we get to see her asshole as a bonus. The second picture gives us another view of the famous ghetto booty (we're standing by that, damn it!). This time Anikka Albrite is spread wide and we can see her pussy as well, smooth and pink. This is really a video about nothing but her ass, so nothing really happens except we get to see her ass. This is the only action we really get in this video and its, um, a little hard to see to say the least. But if you look in the shadows at the upper left of the image, you'll see that the camera man is going down on her from behind. We suppose that all that filming was just too much to take without taking a taste. And here's our parting shot. This to us looks like another example of a fish eye lens making the proportions a little distorted. From this image you would say it is definitely a ghetto booty as it is well over twice, maybe even three times the width of her waste. But we are of the opinion that this is more distortion than reality.

Tits and Ass

http://hot.famehosted.com/E/E0/E07DCFDGFH/6/4/1/3/c13146/a6b2f9617a/13146_01/01/13146_01_120sec_00.mp4   Our second video is a more balanced presentation of Anikka Albrite: it actually focuses on both her tits and ass. It's amazing how a classic body like this, the kind we grow up fantasizing about, brings us back to our most basic urges. Forget the toys and all the exotic positions and even fucking, we want the tits and ass. We could get all Freudian in our analysis of this and certainly with where this video goes it would be easy to draw conclusions along those lines, but that would just bore you and make us uncomfortable. This is kind of an interesting way to show off a great ass. We would prefer it to be naked, but we'll take it any way we can get it. And since we're presenting two videos together here and the first one was full of her naked ass, a non-nude view was okay with us. By pushing it up with the chair it almost looks like an apple bottom, but to be apple bottom, it has to do that without structural support. This may just be our own fetish shining through but these kind of shirts or, even better, a whole lingerie outfit made of nets that expose as much as they hide are extraordinarily sexy. Its not just about showing and hiding. Its also about all that succulent flesh straining against the net and threatening to burst out in a display about nudity unbound. We thought we'd grab a second screen of this which didn't show the effect of the lingerie shirt as much but did show her tits unobstructed by the guy's hand. We were surprised to read that Anikka Albrite is a B cup when her tits look so much bigger than that. We often see the "comparison effect" with tiny women where there boobs look bigger because the rest of the woman's body is so very small. But Anikka Albrite is not petite, so we suppose that it's just that her tits are perky and beautiful that makes us think there's more there than there really is. This is essentially the same image we've show twice already, but this time its fun for two different reasons. First its fun to see her playing with her own tits and stretching the nipples through those holes in the blue netting. Second, we love the playful expression on her face. There is an element of sexuality there, but mostly she just looks like she's having fun and we love that. There's nothing worse than a porn scene with somebody who just looks like they're not into it at all. And we thought we would grab this pic for you lactation fans. The camera man squeezes and stretches her tit until he gets a little bit of milk to come out as seen here. If it's not your cup of tea, we're sorry. If it is, you're welcome. Ugh. We just realized how bad a pun it is to talk about cups of tea and milk in the same paragraph in this context! So we have a full introduction to the body of the gorgeous Anikka Albrite. The woman has come out of nowhere to take the porn world by storm, mostly on the basis of her ass. The two websites you see the banners for here are part of the same company and both have tons of Anikka Albrite material and just tons of video of all the biggest stars in the porn world. It's definitely worth clicking the link and checking out.
Perfect Ass has been trying to expand recently to include clusters of content for your expanded enjoyment. We're still all about finding the perfect ass, and we've found so many, but we've found it's a lot of fun to focus on one category or one performer and cover multiple videos in that category. You can use our tag cloud to find these concentrated areas, but we thought it would be worthwhile to point out some of the ones we've worked the hardest on.


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This video features two gorgeous redheads, Dani Jensen and Zoey Nixon in an outdoor sex 3 way. It's also pretty generous with the lesbian action and ass shots. This video also gets credit for some pretty creative positions. We feel obligated to expand on the 2 redheads remark. One of the redheads has a color of hair only found in highly irradiated parts of nature, but Zoey Nixon still makes it work. Speaking of Zoey Nixon, she is some serious eye candy. Tall and curvaceous, she has huge tits and curves that go on for miles. She also has the palest complexion we've ever seen. Even though this video is about outdoor sex, she looks like she's never seen anything more intense than moonlight in her life. Add to that her bubble butt and we're in love. But his video also has Dani Jensen. Dan Jensen is a shorter, thinner redhead but still possessing a nice bubble butt. Compared to Zoey Nixon she is positively tan, but in fact she has the peaches and cream skin more common to true gingers. We start with some lesbian cuddling on the nature trail but move pretty quickly to a 2 girl blowjob on an unsuspecting camper. Next up is a clip with the 2 naked redheads straddling the lucky camper, Dani Jensen straddling his face and Zoey Nixon riding his cock. We move to Zoey Nixon in a reverse cowgirl with Dani Jensen laying in the opposite direction of the dude, getting eaten out. This is the bit for ass fans. With the hot redhead laying face down, her bubble butt is on full display with the guy's face practically buried in it. Then the camera angle changes and we see those cheeks spread as Zoey Nixon slips a finger in Dani Jensen's pink hole. The video wraps up with a creampie in Dani Jensen that Zoey Nixon cleans up with her tongue.
The first thing any ass fan will notice about this video is the ass massage. It's right at the beginning and its a beautiful thing to do to a beautiful ass. Perfect creamy skin on a tight little bubble butt, rubbed and worked in every way we'd like to. There is a lot to like about this video, but ass fans will probably loop this section a few times before moving on. We certainly recommend it. One of the things that recommends this video is Ella Milano. She has a unique body type that just works very well. She's short with huge tits and beautiful curves, but she isn't full figured enough to be called curvaceous. She's somewhere between the more athletic body we usually see in porn and the curvaceous body we see every once in a while. She has a soft body with soft curves and looks very much like she would be perfect to cuddle up to. She has long brown hair, deep brown eyes, and the aforementioned huge tits and bubble butt. She also has the most kissable little nipples you've ever seen. So the video starts off with Ella Milano stretched out nude on her stomach on a massage table. We don't want to be critical but we don't think the dude giving the massage was licensed, because he honed in on her ass from pretty much the first second. He works her cheeks thorough in as good an ass massage as we've ever seen. This is why we got fired from the massage parlor. After a delightfully long while, she does turn over and her massages her tits as well. We get a long view of Ella Milano's body before the camera works back up and we see that the masseuse's soft cock is now in her mouth. That definitely never happened when we worked at he massage parlor. We get a while to appreciate how really beautiful this woman really is and how unusual. Not to repeat our earlier riff, but her body makes her look like a very naughty cherub. We also get to see an ass massage of a different type as her masseuse bends her over the table and fucks her from behind. Again the camera finds that beautiful ass and doesn't seem to want to leave it. We didn't want it to leave either. The clip winds up with the familiar technique of jerking off the guy for a cum facial, and this was the one snicker-worthy moment of the video. Either Ella Milano didn't want a cum facial or didn't know how to jerk off a guy, because you watch the clip and think "She could do that palsied motion all night and he's not gonna cum." But then with some really bad editing, the video break and returns to a much more ready cock (probably worked on by someone else) and the star gets her cum facial. There's very little that we would refuse someone as gorgeous as Ella Milano but if she offers you a handjob, you should probably just pass.
Latina pussy and all-around hottie Sara Luvv returns in this video and once more, she's poolside. We've thought of Sara Luvv as a Latina porn star, but we're beginning to suspect she might also be a mermaid. Does she ever have sex without the pool? Is she perhaps under the mistaken impression that the the pool noodle she uses in this clip is a contraceptive? The mystery is destined to endure. For those who haven't watched our previous clip of Sara Luvv, we'll give you the rundown. She is a petite Latina with small tits and a small ass and she is smokin' hot. She has creamy brown skin, slightly darker nipples, long brown hair with blonde highlights and big dreamy brown eyes. She also has one of the most animated faces of anybody in the adult industry. We always have to watch her clips at least twice, once for the hot sex action and once for the facial expressions. We could try watching for both at once, but we live in deep fear of missing something. In this clip our favorite Latina is poolside in a white swimsuit which is not nearly revealing enough for our tastes. It's a good thing she doesn't wear it long. She starts the clip sauntering around the pool just generally being beautiful. Then she does a sort of striptease until we see the nude Latina in all her glory. Once she's down to nothing but that smooth skin, she does a leisurely dive into the pool. As she prepares to dive, the camera comes around behind her and gets a long shot of the most perfect small ass we've ever seen. Sadly this is about the extent of the ass-intensive footage in this clip. It's so light on the rump footage that if it were anyone other than Sara Luvv, it probably would not have made the cut. But there is just something about this Latina pussy that we cannot get enough of. Sara Luvv dives in the pool and immediately swims after some pale-skinned red-headed guy who we deeply disapprove of. The nude Latina rises up in the water, little tits still dripping and tries to pull off Opie's swimming trunks. We say try because as everyone who has ever gone swimming knows, wet trunks are hard to get off. And the hot brunette has a comically hard time getting the trunks off. We would guess that the script called for her to pull them all the way off, but she gives up when they're at about mid-calf. The she starts to suck his soft ginger dick. What possible excuse could this guy have for having a soft dick in the presence of the nude Latina? How cold could the water possibly be? We knew we didn't like him. Opie then gets the privilege of eating the Latina pussy. Not one to leave something so important in lesser hands, Sara Luvv grabs a handful of Opie's hair and guides him in his endeavor. This bit of footage is classic Sara Luvv. Watch the facial expressions as she remote controls him while he goes down on her. There's ecstasy, intensity, pleasure, and possibly a little frustration that he isn't doing a better job and all those emotions are on her face at one time. We don't know anybody else with a face animated enough to do all this at once. Next he continues to eat the Latina pussy, but he does so underwater. Three things are revealed by this scene. First, the folks at Fantasy HD must have bought some really expensive waterproof camera rigs. They frequently shoot underwater sex and it, like everything they shoot, looks absolutely amazing. It's crystal clear but they're obviously underwater so that they kind of wind up looking like the dancing oracle in the movie 300. Second, it reveals that even the nude Latina's pussy is adorable. She just does no have a bad side. And third it reveals why she looked frustrated when he was going down on her above the water. Opie looks like he's been forced to poke a turd with his tongue as hazing for a fraternity. He sticks his tongue out as far as it will go and just sort of nudges her pussy with it. This is not oral sex by any definition we've ever heard of. Next we get to see the Latina fucked. Opie is on his back in shallow water and Sara Luvv straddles him. The nude Latina grinds, wriggles, and bounces on his pole. Fortunately, she knows how to fuck well enough for both of them. Saying we see the Latina fucked is probably incorrect terminology because she is clearly doing the fucking. Again, watch this section once for the gorgeous nude Latina and watch it a second time just for her facial expressions. Only Sara Luvv could pull off these expressions. We don't even have the words to describe all the things that fly across her face. We see the Latina fucked in various positions, including the reverse cowgirl and bent over from behind. This last one is our favorite because she's bent over a pool noodle. We've seen people bent over a lot of things and fucked in the many hours of porn we've watched, but this was definitely our first pool noodle fucking. It's also our favorite because it's the only other time in this video where Sara Luvv's small ass is on display. The camera is zoomed in on her tiny perfect brown buns as they flex and jiggle from the fucking. With Sara Luvv as the subject, it's a transcendent moment of ass cinema. The next bit is ass-centric, too, but it's flawed. It focuses on her ass while she's fucked, but the water distorts the shape of her ass. In our world, distorting the shape of Sara Luvv's perfect ass is a very serious crime. The next position, again shot underwater, where he's standing and her legs are around his waist as he fucks her is a really striking bit of film. The stark contrast between her richly brown skin and his absurdly white skin surrounded by the translucent blue water makes a stunning shot. We wind up with another unique shot. Sara Luvv brings Opie to climax by sucking him off under the water. But the cum shot does go on her face or tits or inside her like in other porn videos, but just shoots out into the water where it floats to the top. We're not sure if this is cool or weird, but its definitely unique. As always, Fantasy HD delivers footage that only they could dream up, much less execute.
Chloe Foster and Natalie Heart, both with small boobs, play the role of randy teen babysitters who wind up in a threesome with the father they babysit for. Both Chloe Foster and Natalie Heart are easily believable as teens, but the intensity with which they attack their lesbian scenes makes you seriously wonder if they would ever stoop to include a man in their fun. These two teens seem more likely to tell the old man to leave them alone than to include. Natalie Heart is the teen we see first. She's a petite brunette with small boobs and a small ass. She's wearing a high school sweater and skirt, but its definitely tarted up as the sweater is low cut enough that the hot brunette barely needs to move the garment to expose her small boobs. And the skirt is more like a fringe around her waist than an actual skirt. Needless to say, we approved of the Natalie Heart wardrobe. Immediately upon the exit of her employer, the babysitter dances around, exposes her breasts. The she lays down on the couch and begins masturbating. Chloe Foster plays her best friend coming over to keep Natalie Heart company while she babysits. Chloe Foster, too, has small boobs but has a more voluptuous figure and sports a bubble butt. The hot blonde was clearly dressed by the same person as she's wearing pink shorts look like a pair of pink men's briefs. Chloe Foster adds a pink tube top with a loose white tank top over the top of it. The arrival of the second girl is the cue to move from masturbating to actual sex. They quickly strip and move in to a 69 position. We would have been happy to have the lesbian action continue the entire scene, but after a shot time the employer of Natalie Heart returns to bring her a baby monitor. Naturally upon seeing the girls behavior, he strips off and changes the lesbian couple into a threesome. The begin with a 2 girl blowjob. This never gets old. The girls share the cock, taking turns sucking and licking. The site of them collaborating to give a johnson a tongue bath, small boobs jiggling, is massively hot. From there we move to Chloe Foster getting fucked by the boss while Natalie Heart basically pets and kisses her.Then we switch up to have Natalie Heart getting fucked. Chloe Foster handles her role as third wheel differently, though, and does one of our favorite things in porn. She more or less resumes the 69 position and starts licking the clit of Natalie Foster. This basically amounts to going down on Natalie Foster and blowing the boss at he same time. It just makes for an incredibly hot visual. The girls are still in this position when the cum shot arrives. The dude pulls out of fucking Natalie Heart so that Chloe Foster can suck and jerk him off while still lying on top of the hot brunette. At the climax, he cums more or less in Chlose Foster's mouth. There's a little bit of a cum facial, but not much. But after he cums the hot blonde drizzles the mouthful of cum onto the shaved pussy of the hot brunette still underneath her.After coating the brunette pussy in cum, she goes back briefly to sucking the boss' cock before the scene ends.
This clip features Holly Michaels in the bathtub shaving pussy, having some lesbian action with Madison Ivy, then having a 3 way. It proves that too much of a good thing is never enough. The clip starts with Holly Michaels in a bathtub full of rose petals, putting shaving cream on her legs and her pussy. She shaves her legs, the moves on to shaving pussy. Madison Ivy comes into the room, already nude, and begins kissing Holly Michaels' ears while massaging her huge tits. She then takes the detachable shower head and masturbates the hot brunette. She moves on to kissing her breasts and fingering her pussy. Then Madison Ivy joins Holly Michaels in the bathtub. The two nude brunettes engage in some oral sex and elaborate fingering. Sadly, it appears that the shaving pussy phase of the video is over. Its worth pausing here to consider the two nude brunettes, each porn superstars. Madison Ivy is a petite brunette with deeply bronzed skin and huge tits. Holly Michaels has more of a childlike quality to her despite having a more voluptuous figure. She, too, has long brunette hair and huge tits. Each woman has a gorgeous bubble butt. Despite the statistical similarities between them, they each actually have very distinctive appearances. If you know who they are, you do not mix up the two nude brunettes. The scene cuts to a man having joined them in the tub and a 2 girl blowjob already in progress. Despite sharing a cock, they continue to be focused one each other. It is quite a feat to turn a 2 girl blowjob into a largely lesbian affair, but these two nude brunettes pull it off. The tandem cock sucking is interrupted by periods of same-sex kissing and groping. The scene cuts again and Holly Michaels is absolutely feasting on Madison Ivy's huge tits. Madison Ivy slides down to kiss Holly Michaels' huge tits as the guy enters Holly Michaels from behind. The guy is furiously slapping his pelvis into Holly Michaels' bubble butt, but all the heat is between the two nude brunettes who have returned to making out with one another. In the next scene Madison Ivy is stretched out on the rim of the bathtub with the guy going down on her. Meanwhile Holly Michaels is straddling Madison Ivy's face and rubbing her huge tits. While not a 2 girl blowjob, Holly Michaels leans down the length of Madison Ivy's body to suck his cock while Madison Ivy goes down (or in this case, up) on her. It becomes a bit of a confusion of bodies as the guy sits on the bathtub rim and starts fucking Madison Ivy while Holly Michaels keeps trying to go down on her. They finally give up and abandon this position altogether. They leave the bathtub behind and the guy is on his back, with Holly Michaels facing away from him and riding his cock. Madison Ivy is facing the same direction as Holly Michaels, straddling the lucky dude's face. Even as Holly Michaels goes completely nuts fucking the hell out of the guy, Madison Ivy cannot keep her hands off the other girl. She manages to work in a grope here and a grab there. But Holly Michaels is simply grinding and writhing too much to hold onto. The scene comes full circle by returning to a 2 girl blowjob. They take turns finishing the guy off with their mouths. Madison Ivy wins the prize and the guy comes in her mouth. The two nude brunettes share a cum soaked kiss to end the scene. This scene is confusing, exhausting, and absolutely awesome. Its a perfect example of why everyone should subscribe to Passion HD. There just is no bad there.
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We'll be the first to admit that Passion HD did not really maximize the concept behind this video: blonde orgy. Yes, it's been done before (lots) but there could have been more variety to set it apart. With that said, we still come down as solid fans just because of the absolutely bounty of beautiful flesh on display in this video. And the fact that the women are in charge, which we always like. Setting the scene, three blondes are sitting around their living room when a delivery man shows up. Heard this one? The delivery man is not blonde, like we care. The women are very much all blonde. The most notable variety among them comes in their tits: one pair small tits, one pair medium tits, one pair huge tits. Goldilocks would approve. Actually in this video Goldilocks would jump in the pile and suck the delivery man's balls. Their is, sadly, no variety in the ass. All the asses are category: small ass.  So the blonde orgy commences when the first blonde (it's like naming goldfish, you can't tell them apart and they won't come when you call them anyway) signs for the package then opens the delivery man's package. A blow job is born! The girls kind of rub around on each other while the first blonde is cock sucking, but never get serious about it. When the scene changes, everybody is naked and we are now in to a 2 girl blowjob. The third hot blonde is straddling the delivery man's face while he eats her snatch and small ass. We do get a few nice scenes of the ass, but as ass men we were disappointed. One of the three asses is never even directly pictured. It's like the Loch Ness Ass. The blonde orgy moves to the fucking stage and here they did show a flash of creativity. One blonde is straddling the delivery man's face while another is straddling his cock, with the third rubbing his balls. We would have preferred to see her licking his balls, but we suppose he heard would have blocked the shot. Aren't blonde's heads supposed to be transparent? Come on, this many blondes and that's our first blonde joke. Give us a break. We wind up with the delivery man delivering a load of jizz all over one of the blondes chest (small tits blonde). The other two are flanking her like spotters in case the dude cums so hard he breaks her ribs or something and one of them has to fill in. Bottom line: This is not the best Passion HD we've ever seen but for sheer quantity of hot chicks it's still worth watching.
This clip of an office blowjob and other fun at the workplace is geared more towards those with some hostility towards their coworkers because this is all angry sex. Then again, who doesn't have some hostility towards their coworkers? The clip starts off with a hot brunette alone in the office. She's wearing a painted on red skirt and wide open white blouse, clearly the office slut. She sports huge tits and a nice bubble butt, again all wedged into her work clothes with a shoehorn. She decides to have a little fun while she's alone and hikes up the skirt, straightens her panties and photocopies her ass. This is one of those scenes where old-fashioned technology worked better. A  huge, furniture-sized photocopier worked when someone would plop their buns on it. This tiny modern photocopier looks more like a lumpy seat cushion than a photocopier and though the woman is in no way large, it still looks like its going to break. She manages to drop some paper and spends a delightful amount of time bent over picking it up. All things the office slut would do to get attention, though there is yet no one there to pay her attention. Her boss comes in and goes straight to his office. Here's where we learn that the office slut has a crush on the boss because she slides her fingers under the desk and begins to work her pussy. And boy does she like him, because she is literally dripping wet within seconds. Her wet pussy kind of weaves in and out of her underwear, but the view was not obstructed. Her finger does not suffice for long and she unzips the big man and goes to work. She gets on her knees in front of his desk chair and begins to work him over. He responds by putting her on her back and fucking her on his desk. The office slut thoroughly enjoys this fuck session. The boss is kind enough to hold her head off the table to keep it from banging.  Who said chivalry is dead? But the angry sex has already begun because she has to cover he mouth to keep the noise down as he pounds her. She's fingering away as he fucks until she squirts, sending her juices down her leg. But the boss isn't done with her yet. He bends her over the counter fucks the hell out of her, restraining her arms aggressively, Then he lets her get on top, but he goes for ass fucking while she's there. When he's done, he gives her a massive cum facial that blots out her glasses and goes into her hair. Anger, apparently, makes you come harder.  
We begin the clip with the young brunette, April O'Neil, napping on the couch in the afternoon sun. We got a long head to toe look at the hot brunette. She curvaceous legs and hips, though we grade her as a small ass. She has huge tits, held in place by a see through pink bra.  We see her partially shaved pussy through the matching pink panties. The young brunette has beautifully sculpted features, with thick red lips. And her rich brown hair falls down to the middle of her back. In case you're wondering, she's asleep on her stomach giving us the view of her ass, then rolls over for the tour of the front side. Her boyfriend enters and allows himself a few lingering touches before beginning to kiss the young brunette. This video really plays up the passion angle. The kisses are soft but intense, making the two performers into a convincing couple. After several seconds of kissing, her boyfriend's hands begin to retrace the journey the camera took us on to begin with. 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The first thing that comes across in this video is just how unbelievably tiny Avril Sun is. She's short and thin, but with curves in the right places to make it work for her as a fully grown up woman. The hot brunette has solid medium tits and a real rarity for someone so small, a beautiful teardrop ass. Her skin is pale and her features very pixie-like. But the part that really jumps out at  you is the very wide, very animated mouth this young woman has. It takes a guy about half a second to think how good those thick lips would look wrapped around his cock. We were all average. The video starts off with Avril Sun playing in the sun, picking flowers in a sheer white dress. She picked more than a few weeds, too, but we're not going to point that out to her. She takes a minute to stop and blow the fluff off of dandelions. You really begin to wonder if you're watching a porn video or a feminine freshness commercial, but that question gets answered pretty quickly. The petite brunette slips out of her dress and goes for a dip in a creek before sunning herself on a rock (but hot, not like a lizard). And that's when the shirtless hero of the piece wanders up and the outdoor sex starts cooking. They work their way through some pretty novel positions that look really good on film. One in particular has him on his knees, leaning back her legs are wrapped around him, dropping her body at a sharp angle from his. It flatters all her assets while just being pretty overall. When he's on his back we turn from outdoor sex to ass fan sex. Straddling him, the petite brunette shows off every curve of her supple ass. We're big fans of ass in motion, as in the undulating motion we see as she uses her hips to help him fuck her. But again what really comes across here is just how curvy and gorgeous her body is for a small, thin woman. Her ass is a work of art, her tits are exactly big enough without being out of proportion to the rest of her, and her entire body is one long series of gentle curves. Another particularly hot moment in this video is when Avril Sun is on her stomach, getting fucked from behind. The camera moves up her curvy body and what we find is that sweet face smiling. And with her wide, thick mouth a smile can be both joyful and wildly erotic. We end the outdoor sex fest with the petite brunette finishing off her man by mouth and hand. She smiles in anticipation until he comes, the eagerly gobbles up his cock and swallows. We will definitely be looking for other videos by this hot brunette.
This is a scorching hot video with bombshell Latina Keisha Grey featuring a titty fuck and a 3 way heavy on the lesbian action. And that isn't even a complete list of all there is to love about this video. We've got Keisha Grey in a bikini and being felt up by another girl. Of course we see the Latina nude, and that is really all you need to say. The video starts out with Keisha Grey sunbathing. Clearly how hot the Latina is was not lost on the producers because they take a nice leisurely scan from head to toe and back again, letting you drink in every inch of that bronze skin. She is joined by porn newcomer Olga Snow who proceeds to feel her up and (yippee!) remove the bikini. While Keisha Grey is a perfect bubble butt with huge tits, the other performer has nearly black hair, pale skin and a thinner body. She still sports a nice rack, with solid medium tits. Before the sausage enters the room, Olga Snow frees one of those big natural tits and gives it a kiss. She also slides her hand into the bikini bottoms of the sunbathing hottie. Once the sausage is present, everybody gets naked and we get our first view of the Latina nude. She is stand out sexy in an industry full of sex. The girls get together for a 2 girl blowjob, tongues touching erotically as they work the pole. They then proceed through some nice 3 way positions. The dude is on his back with Keisha Grey straddling his cock and Olga Snow straddling his face. They make their way to an even hotter, more lesbian position. We see the Latina nude on her back, the sausage fucking her from his knees, while Keisha Grey gets her face straddled by Olga Snow. There are a few shots where it's pretty much a guy on girl kind of situation with Olga Snow kind of left out to the side. Sometimes it looks like she's posing next to them more than participating. Nevertheless she always adds something to the scene. If nothing else we get to see a nice rack while watching the Latina nude, getting fucked. And lest you think we forgot what this site was all about, there is some fantastic ass footage in this video. Keisha Grey gets in one position straddling the dude, and the camera just stays with her ass. She's grinding and undulating, and the perfect firm bubble butt is going through the motions. Then comes the titty fuck. Yes, this is an ass site, but a hot Latina with a killer rack getting titty fucked is a banner headline on any website. Again, Olga Snow is more of a bystander, but we get several seconds of titty fuck. And there is a lot of tit to fuck on this woman. We wind up with a two girl cum facial and frankly the need for an oxygen tank. Very hot video, indeed.
Seeing an Anissa Kate anal scene is a treat for anybody, but for ass fans it is a singular pleasure. And this video is loaded with treats for ass fans. For starters there is Anissa Kate herself, a curvaceous brunette beauty with a bubble butt and huge tits. Along with her dark hair comes beautiful bronze skin. We do have to take a minute for an editorial rant. What is up with everybody having sex in, on, or around a pool? Is it just because it makes a pretty backdrop for all that fucking and sucking or have swimming pools turned into sex pits full of writhing bodies? Because if they have, we've really been cheating ourselves by avoiding the pool. Back on track, this scene starts out with Anissa Kate in a bikini in front of a pool. A masseuse comes out to work her over, er, give her a massage. We can tell he's a masseuse because of the white uniform. So she strips and stretches out on a table. If we knew wearing dorky white outfits had that effect on beautiful women, we would have broke out the whites a long time ago. When we called this an Anissa Kate anal scene, we weren't exaggerating. It is all about the ass. While technically she is getting a massage, in reality the masseuse is just rubbing and needing the plentiful brunette ass. Then he starts fingering her ass. We think in a real massage, the naked brunette would jump up and run for management. But this naked brunette just lies there compliantly. How did we not learn that masseuse was such a good job sooner? For good measure, we get to see those huge tits getting rubbed and kneaded as well. We're not sure this massage relaxed her, but it most certainly did not relax us. At this point the white uniform reveals another one of its super powers, it can disappear. Suddenly the masseuse is naked and Anissa Kate is getting fucked. At first he just works her over on the table, then they start to get creative with the positions. You have to see for yourself the position where he's standing and she's half on and half off the table, one leg up over his shoulder. Then we return to the Anissa Kate anal theme. He moves from straight intercourse to pounding her ass. We don't suppose one pounds the ass of a fine French woman like Anissa Kate, but we don't know the French word for slammed. At any rate massage boy winds up the clip ass fucking the naked brunette. Did Hollywood ever come up with a happier ending?
  The title of this Cameron Dee clip is Submissive Love. And yes, in fact, the hot blonde does get tied up. Frankly though, the only thing her 'restraints' stop her from doing is maybe jumping jacks. So we wrote it off as an attempt at bondage without being too... binding? Frankly, this blonde ass would really good in some leather cuffs strapped to the bedpost, but again that could just be us. About half-way through the clip we did figure out one reason why the guy might have wanted Cameron Dee tied up. She is not a small girl. With huge tits, an ample bubble butt, and an overall curvaceous and strong-looking body, the skinny dude in the clip might have been afraid that without restraints she would hurt him. More than once he assumes a dominant position, but even though he was fucking her, the nude blondes proportions just seemed to dwarf him. At times he looked a little like a Chihuahua fucking a Great Dane. It looked like he had fun, but simply wasn't up to the job at hand. Speaking of hands, that was the one time where Cameron Dee appeared even modestly restrained. While she was blowing him, she had to keep her hands close together. So the kind of hand and mouth blow job that works so well on film and real life wasn't really possible. That's what the dude gets for tying her up before she could get to his cock. There is some good fucking in this video, though. Several of the positions show off her plentiful bubble butt to great advantage.  But her huge tits are clearly the start of the show. But this was just too fine an ass not to share on a web site devoted to perfect asses. Any bigger and it would have been a ghetto booty, but it is absolutely not out of proportion to the rest of her body. The naked blondes whole body is large, not fat, but 'big and strong.' She looks like she could make you scream in bed and then protect you in bar fights. There are several variants on the from behind position in this clip that really show off Cameron Dee's bubble butt, though you'll have to wait for them because they come after the halfway point in the clip. One of the positions that neither showed her off nor worked was the guy lying on top of her, his stomach to her back, and fucking her. Her nearly fell off. This was when we formed our Chihuahua and Great Dane theory. But the real treat for ass fans in this video is what you see depicted in the still image that goes with this article. The scene ends up with the two performers in a standard doggy style, with Cameron Dee on all fours and the chihuahua on his knees behind her. He pulls out and cums all over that gorgeous blonde ass. And we have to admit we were deeply impressed by how that rump looked with jizz all over it.
Taking the fantasy to extremes, FantasyHD brings us young brunette Ariana Marie as a naughty schoolgirl. Ariana Marie, whatever she's playing, is a treat for the eyes. The hot brunette is a little thing. While she's supposed to be 5' 4" she just looks smaller than that next her costar. The petite brunette has very nice medium tits with small nipples. She definitely falls into the small ass category, but while there isn't much there we thoroughly approve of what is there. The schoolgirl trick is pulled by putting her in a plaid skirt and blue blazer with a white blouse, which given her tiny stature definitely makes the schoolgirl vibe come across. The next big wigged us out a little. Ariana Marie is playing on a trampoline in her backyard, letting white cotton panties flash as she jumps. Watching from a window is her male costar, meant to be creepy in his cheap suit and pervy sunglasses. He carries his briefcase into the back yard and opens it to reveal... lollipops. We would have definitely advised her not to take candy from this stranger. Naturally she does and we get several seconds of screen time with her licking, sucking, and otherwise gratifying her lollipop. Then they move in for a little oral foreplay. Pervy stranger goes in for some anilingus, linking her tight pink asshole while he fingers her tight pussy. Then they proceed to a little cock sucking. We're not sure that innocent schoolgirls who play on trampolines are quite this proficient at knob polishing. But schoolgirl or not, Ariana Marie looks hot sucking cock. One nice touch was that as the fucking began, naturally the performers ditched their clothing. But what we liked was that the mini-skirt stayed on. It looked more like a wide belt at this point, but it was still there. For an editorial aside, there are few things hotter than fucking a woman with a skirt still on. But maybe that's just us. Well, us and the pervy dude in this video. While eveything about Ariana Marie seems small, she manages to take the pounding that pervy dude dishes out like a champ. She looks like she has a small pussy, but he goes balls deep and stays there. The pounding proceeds through several positions, some of them giving her tiny booty some much needed screen time. That's perhaps the only negative about this video, the fine ass in question just does not get featured enough. That's unusual in a Fantasy HD video. They have clearly got some ass fans in the camera crew over there. The scene winds up with pervy dude blowing his load all over the hot brunette's belly. We were relieved. Even though she's clearly not a school girl, she has such a cute face we just weren't sure we could deal with seeing the guy shot his load all over it. This is something you don't get to say in porn very often, but kudos for the modesty.
This video really stands out for it's underwater sex. We're not talking about simple pool sex here, we're talking about underwater camera work recording some pretty intense cock sucking and fucking. And recorded in high def, you almost feel like you could get splashed. The video stars the gorgeous Natalie Heart, a pale skinned hot brunette with small tits and a fine bubble butt. The clip starts of with a little kissing and petting, then moves on to oral. This too is conventional except for the intensity. Natalie Heart likes to suck cock and it shows. You see a lot of oral sex writing reviews of these clips and you almost forget that its anything more than foreplay, but watching this hot brunette work the pole was a real turn on. The girl's got skills. Then the clip moves underwater. And its not like every lame underwater sex scene you've ever seen. This is as hot and well shot as anything on top of the water. But instead it's shot in HD through crystal clear water so you can tell its underwater, but its not all blurry and hard to follow. We'd put this up there with the great underwater nudity of all time, the Italian move Zombie with a swimming hottie who in turns gets threatened by a shark then a zombie. Granted she didn't blow either the shark or the zombie (thankfully), so this is a lot hotter. The clip is also worth taking a look at for Natalie Heart. With a body more on the curvy side and beautiful bubble butt, this hot brunette has a lot to recommend her. She has sexy small tits and the palest skin we've ever seen. She also stands out for hair that is nearly true black. If she wanted to throw on some sloppy eye liner she would make one hell of a Goth chic. Beyond the pool sex and the Olympic level cock sucking, this clip has some pretty intense fucking on its side. The aforementioned underwater sex aside, the scene progresses to the the pool side and some land-lover sex. Because these scene doesn't have threesomes or props or anal, there's just a lot of fucking. It starts off at a bit of a slow pace but by the end he really fucks the hell out of her. We wind up with the customary pulling out and cum facial.
Ass Fans! We have found our Citizen Kane. This video features blonde ass and brunette ass, the blonde rating a smallish ghetto booty and young brunette coming in as a small apple bottom. But for white girls, these girls got back. And that is what the video is about. No less than 4 minutes of the video is spent on their asses. How do you spend four minutes on an ass, you may ask? Well first you take long, lingering shots of it. And remember, there are 2 so you have to do all this twice. Then you break out the suntan lotion and have each hot girl grease up the other's fine ass. Then you do some shots of them walking, bending, getting into the pool. Then the moment comes which sets this apart from all the other great ass videos we've brought you... The two beauties are in the water, side by side, jiggling their asses in the water to see who can make the most turbulence! Was this even nominated for an Oscar? From there we proceed to some leisurely lesbian kissing. And, of course, by this point we are in love with these two women. So seeing that their in love with each other only greases the way for the inevitable 3 way relationship they will form with us. We're secure that way. Then they start going down on some dude who slipped into the video while our eyes were busy with the asses. Then he's got the blonde giving him the reverse cowgirl while the brunette straddles his face. They come up with several positions but our favorite has the brunette facing him riding his cock. The camera angle is such that our view is of the gorgeous brunette ass. But wait, there's more! For no apparent reason, the blonde ass is right next to the brunette jiggling wildly. Presumably she's making out passionately with the dude. But we just want this dear girl to know she never needs a reason to jiggle that naked ass. And we'll defend her should anyone say otherwise! Lest we forget, these girls are both full on hotties beyond their bums. They both long shiny hair in their respective colors. They both have bodies that won't quit, the brunette a little on the thinner side and the blonde squarely in the voluptuous category. The brunette has very nice medium tits while the blonde has flat-out huge tits. Well, as we live and breathe, the dude goes for the gold and fucks the brunette right in that beautiful butt. We've hit an anal goldmine tonight. The ass fucking doesn't last long, but it is a nice feature in a video that already had everything. Then in the end the brunette fingers the cum out of the blonde's pussy and eats it. Which is a fairly new disposal method to us. We advise fixing a little snack before this video because if you really are an ass fan, you're going to be wore out and hungry after you watch it, but too tired to fix it. That's just the kind of caring warning you don't get from most porn sites.
When we saw the thumbnail of nude Asian beauty Jayden Lee, we knew we wouldn't be disappointed. But after we saw her fine medium tits, curvy body and borderline small ass/bubble butt (we went with small) we got interested. But when halfway through the video we saw her getting the ass fucking of a lifetime, we were blown away. Ass fans, this one has it all. The video starts off with her giving her man a massage. We're not very educated about these things, but it looked like she was using corn syrup as massage oil. In pretty short order, everyone looked wet and sticky. It was like Willy Wonka porn. But the site of Jayden Lee straddling some naked dude, dripping this thick substance all down her nude Asian body was more than gratifying. And you know we're going to make the wet pussy joke because if we had any self-control we wouldn't do porn for a living. If her pussy wasn't wet before, it certainly was after!  Wet and sticky, yum. And while we're having an attention deficit attack we want to draw your attention to the beginning of the clip when she first straddles him. She positioned herself just right for the lips of that tight Asian pussy to brush against his ass. It was either some lucky positioning or this is a woman who knows how to drive a man absolutely mad with desire. We get rolling with some really nice, if somewhat conventional fare, between the massage and the ass fucking. She gets her man hard and ready with foreplay blow job. Then she straddles him in a reverse cowgirl for some conventional fucking. That's when things get interesting. While she's fucking him, the dude sticks a butt plug up her Asian ass. Our first thought was, how rude! But after a second's consideration we realize it might portend very exciting things to come. Sure enough, a minute or two later they change positions and he plows that ass. And it's a good thing he prepped her with the butt plug because this guy is just mercilessly plugging away. The nude Asian shows every sign that she enjoys it. Then they change positions again and again he nails that ass. The ass fucking hits a pace that appeared to us exceeded even Jayden Lee's tolerances because she kind of slows him down. The scene ended with what, to us, looked like him cumming inside her ass. But there is so much of that sticky gooey shit all over the place that we weren't sure what we were seeing. We feel the highest confident that our avid readers will solve this mystery for themselves.    
  Teen Madison Ivy's tight pussy literally can't accommodate her co-star's big dick in this video. The guy is well hung, to be sure, but she must have one very tight pussy. In any given position, a full 2 to 3 inches of him just wouldn't go in. Its a little shocking to see, but it doesn't take anything away from watching the clip. It might have sucked for her co-star, but that's his problem. He gets paid to fuck hot women, we don't plan to cry for him. Ivy is a gorgeous, petite brunette. Beyond the small pussy, she also has huge tits, a tiny petite frame, and movie star good looks.And did we mention, she has a fine bubble butt? It's one of the highlights of the clip. About halfway through, the couple get into a position of sitting facing one another fucking. All we see is the back of the naked brunette, but then that's what we're primarily interested in. Her ass is center frame and pumping as she fucks, causing it to flex and move. It's definitely porn for ass lovers. This video has a very nice bit at the beginning. Her boyfriend raises her lacy white skirt and begins to finger her underneath her panties. She's still fully clothed, but those huge tits are exposed. The couple is basically just kissing and doing some heavy petting, but it does make a nice intro to the video. Too many videos jump immediately to the hardcore, and we love the hardcore, but a little build up is nice from time to time as well. The next bit is nice as well, with the couple in various states of undress, like they were just in too big a hurry to get completely undressed. It gives the whole thing a more realistic feel to it. The next scene is where the problems start. He's sitting on the couch and she's sitting on his cock with her back to him. And with her tight pussy, she can't get anywhere near the bottom of the pole. We suppose it's a problem every guy wants to have, but frankly it just looks a little less gratifying than being able to go balls deep. The next position, him taking her from behind while she's on all fours, has the same problem but we stop caring at this point. The bubble butt has landed! In this position that perfect ass is the star of the show. And this isn't even the bit we referred to earlier. This beautiful booty gets a lot of screen time. After lots of fucking, the scene ends with her enthusiastically working him over by hand. For her efforts, she is rewarded with a big cum facial.
Hot brunette Dani Daniels starts this video masturbating with a pink vibrator. And it worked, too, because by the next scene she has a more swollen pussy than we have ever seen in a porn video. The are lots of things the performers in these movies do to seem turned on, and that's only understandable. But this is one that just can't be faked and it is in full demonstration in this video. Another nice feature of this video is Ms. Daniel's teardrop ass. We don't see that as often as we expected when we started this grand adventure of cataloging all the fine types of perfect ass on the internets. You might at first mistake it for a bubble butt, but you would be mistaken. Don't be too hard on yourself, this is what we studied in college, so we're kinda experts. A teardrop ass is similar to a bubble butt, but it comes down just a little lower giving a slight narrowing at the very bottom instead of the classic fully round bubble. See, you thought we were making that shit up about studying this in college, didn't you? We're experts, trust us. Moving past us, though we have no idea why you'd want to, this is a very hot video. It starts off with the brunette masturbating on the couch. She gives  her little pink vibrator a job we would gladly take and enjoys the process thoroughly. Then her boyfriend walks in. And for once this does not signal the downfall of the clip. He leads her outside and at this point, ass fans everywhere need to grab their inhalers and put fresh batteries in their pacemakers. All she technically does is walk outside to give him a blowjob. But this girl walks like Marilyn Monroe sang. She's only wearing a white men's shirt and her ass moves, sings, dance, and undulates with every movement. Then we cut to her giving a blow job, but we're not looking at a dick or event he back of a head, we're looking at an ass and a swollen pussy. And it moves in ways we simply do not have words for. But ass fans will never forget where they were when they saw this blowjob. It's our moon landing. It does move on to show traditional cock sucking. And Dani knows cock sucking. She sucks so hard she curved my flat panel. She does fuck me eye contact. And she lets the cock drop out of her mouth enough to see how wet her mouth is. Dani knows cock sucking. It's at this point that the fucking begins with a tight shot of him going in and out of her pussy. And, as advertised, her pussy is really swollen. The kind of swollen you just don't usually see in porn, or if you're married for that matter. He's got her on her back with her knees up around her neck riding her. At first his pace is moderate, swollen pussy can be harder to get in because its tighter. Not everybody gets to find that out in life. :-P But whatever slowed him down wears off and by the end he's pounding her like she pissed him off. It intense for a straight-up fuck scene. He fucks her in several positions and, for some reason, several different rooms. We'll let you discover that for yourself in this 10 minute video. But be sure you stay till then because you see another rarity in porn these days. When the cum shot arrives, he cums  straight in her mouth and she swallows. We know, there are lots of swallowing videos, but in the high budget stuff like this, swallowing is out for obvious reasons. Of course, after his first shot went off like a rocket down her throat (nothing but net!) she didn't have much to lose. We enjoy the thought of her getting that sexy satisfied look at the end of the video then when they call cut, scratching his eyes out. We make our own fun.
This video features a verifiable ginger pussy and a gorgeous creamy white bubble butt that just begs you to take a bite. The nude redhead in this video also brings us awesome small tits with small pink nipples that look like some kind of Spring candy. We don't know whether to fuck this girl or eat her. She would be delicious either way. And while we're focused on the nude redhead, her celebrity look alike factor should also be discussed. In the early shots she is a dead ringer for Emma Stone. As this makes every zombie hating American spring instant wood, we think that is a good thing. And it is more than just the red hair and freckles, she looks like her in the face as well. But as the clip progresses and she gets into serious fucking, her facial expressions start to morph into Julianne Moore. Also, a very good thing. There is just nothing to not like about this girl. We also loved this little touch in the video that seemed to go with that redhead firebrand mentality. Early in the video her boyfriend is on his back on a patio chair, with her on top riding him. He's pumping with his hips while she's grinding with hers, bubble butt bouncing. But she starts grinding him so hard and so well with that ginger pussy that he just stops and lets her run the show. And from the looks on their faces, they're both happier for it. And face it, lazy or not, don't we all want a woman to look us in the eye and say, "I can fuck you better than you can fuck me, so lie still." That's something else about this clip to love, and no its not just us projecting our desires. Lots of time is spent with the leading bubble butt well-lit and in the center of the screen. In every position they seem to find just the right way to shoot it so that her perfect ass is the star of the show. One last little quirk to watch for in our new favorite bubble butt. Again, early in the video, her boyfriend is licking her ginger pussy. She's certainly in to it and makes all the appropriate facial expressions. But watch the foreground of your screen on the lower right hand corner. Her right leg is almost out of the shot but you still see a little of it, though out of focus. As he licks, her leg twitches up and down like a puppy when you scratch its belly. Could she be any cuter? Is she turning us into those creepy internet stalking types? Eh, who cares. So to sum up, we're in love. Wait, that's not what we meant to say. This girl wins the Perfect Ass bubble butt award for overall perfection plus creamy white skin and freckles. She has neatly trimmed but ample hair to prove she is an authentic redhead pussy. She has incredible small tits. And apparently she has so much personality that even shows in how she fucks. Watch the clip, subscribe to the site, buy the t-shirt, and find out her phone number for us.
Ariella Ferrera’s big natural tits are definitely the star of this latina MILF video. They are rolled out within seconds of the clip beginning as she undoes her blouse and slips them over her bra. This is one hot mature Latina who can take an anal fucking, or take it straight in her hot pussy. And her big natural tits are just bouncing along to the rhythm. As far as categories, we estimate her to be an extremely nice bubble butt. The Latina MILF jumps straight for the cock, pulling out her mans dick and beginning to suck. She deep throats him and pays lots of attention to his balls. But at this point we have to make an editorial comment. One, he ain’t that big so deep throating isn’t as impressive as it might otherwise sound. At one point the mature Latina has him all the way, opens her mouth wider and licks his balls. It’s almost like she’s saying, “There’s plenty of room in her honey, you got any friends?” Editorial point number is about the attention she pays his balls. It just looks like a lot of it would hurt. A lady sucking your nuts can be pure heaven when it’s done right, but just a little too much pressure and your wood is a goner. Some of the things she does had to make her male costar scream “Please stop” in his best Chipmunks voice. We move next to her getting fucked in the hot pussy. Again, those big natural tits are still the star. Even the photography of the scene is centered around them. It’s like everyone else is play costar to those huge tits, and with good reason. They are actually so big that the mild fucking she gets during this part of the scene can barely make them jiggle. These are some tits with staying power! Next up is the anal fucking. The guy is taking the Latina MILF from behind and at first you think it’s just a vaginal sex position, but then you realize he’s gone for the glory hole and she’s actually masturbating while he nails her. He’s working the big natural tits by hand which we guess is the only reason he got into this position, “Let me play with the tits!” And we guess that playing with the tits is the explanation for the glacial pace of the fucking. Or maybe his nuts are still so sore he doesn’t want to move them around too much. Finally the anal fucking moves into a standard, her on all fours, position. At this point, he gets some speed up. He actually makes the big natural tits move more than a little. We’re wondering if they cut in the middle of the scene and got him some testicular anesthetic so he could finally cut loose. Whatever, it worked. And the scene really starts to heat up. He works this angle for a good while, the camera moving up and down as the pounding continues. At the end he pulls out and shoots his load all over her bubble butt. Despite some hiccups, this video is still seriously hot and well worth checking out.
"] For a hardcore 3-way where Alina Li’s wet pussy gets seriously worked over, this video actually starts off in an almost sweet way. Alina Li and petite brunette Tiffany Fox are on either side of a man, all three sleeping in their underwear. Fox wakes up first and places the man’s hand on his cock, then scoots back against the wall and begins to masturbate. Next Alina Li wakes up and is a little more giving. She reaches into the man’s underwear and begins giving him a hand job while he still sleeps. He soon wakes up and the game is on, but at least this first part did not make me think of the official title of this clip, “Slumber Part Sluts.” It was more like “Sweet Morning After.” Once all three are awake the clothes quickly come off and we get to see the Asian nude for the first time. She has flawless skin, small tits, and a small but shapely ass and a shaved pussy. The brunette is thinner than Alina Li and slightly less curvy, but still a beautiful chick with a small ass. Alina Li goes back to attending to the guy, sucking his cock. The brunette goes back to masturbating while the man kisses her small tits. The two women move into a blow job, Alina Li sucking his cock while the brunette sucks his balls. We then cut to the strange scene pictured in the featured image for this post. Abruptly and without explanation, both women are on their backs, small asses in the air, and propping each other up butt-to-butt. With the Asian nude, we have a good view of her wet pussy. We get proof almost immediately that it is in fact a wet pussy. The dude begins to finger the two girls (why not, each shaved pussy is pointed straight up for easy access!). As he fingers Alina Li, his fingers come out visibly wet. Obviously the brunette who has spent most of the time masturbating hasn’t enjoyed herself as much, because she does not appear to have a wet pussy according to the shiny fingers test. We then get back into traditional 3-way territory. The brunette is on her back with the dude fucking her. Alina Li straddles the brunette, who is licking the wet pussy that is right in her face. But we have to say, she doesn’t appear to be very good at it. It’s more like she’s bouncing her tongue off the pussy. Most women would throw a partner out of bed for that technique. But the overall scene is still crazy hot, even with that little detail. There’s also a very visually appealing scene of the man on his back with brunette straddling his face while Alina Li straddles his cock. Alina bounces wildly coming almost all the way off his shaft before slamming it balls deep into her wet pussy. The video ends with an unusual touch. Alina Li gets the cum facial, but it doesn’t end there. She turns and lets the cum drizzle out of her mouth and onto the shaved pussy of the brunette. Very hot, like the whole video.
In this video, Sara Luvv takes her hot Latina pussy for a dip in the pool and decides to have a little pool sex while she's there. Can you blame her? Seeing this Latina nude in the drycleaner’s would make drycleaner’s sex cool. Sara Luvv has the Latina thing in all the right ways: creamy brown skin, slightly darker brown nipples, brown hair streaked with blonde, big rich brown eyes, and a perfect small ass. We start off with Sara Luvv sunbathing poolside. She gets up to walk to the pool and we get a very nice view of that small ass, though it’s clad in a black leather? Latex? bikini. Whatever its made of, it was made for her. She spends a while in the water, pouring the water down her sun kissed body. This alone constituted pool sex for us. We cut to a poolside cabana. We see the Latina nude now for the first time. She’s on her back with her boyfriend teasing her stomach and nipples with ice. By the time he’s done, her nipples are fully, almost painfully erect. The scene cuts again and her boyfriend is now fucking the hell out of that Latina pussy. This section is great for the nude Latina’s facial expressions. She conveys “That hurts!” “Fuck me harder!” and “That’s it, don’t stop!” in this cascade of animated facial expressions. We don’t actually get to see the Latina pussy getting pounded in the next bit, where her boyfriend is taking her doggy style. But that fine Latina ass is center stage, vibrating and rippling with each thrust. Again, the facial expressions are priceless and nearly indescribable. We move next to an intense close-up. The screen is filled with nothing but shaved Latina pussy getting stuffed with white cock. Sara makes her way on top, doing a reverse cowgirl with her feet on his knees. The placement of those feet allow her to be extremely athletic in the way moves up and down, fucking him with her Latina pussy instead of letting him fuck her. Very liberated of her. She makes her way to her back with her knees in the air, boyfriend standing as he pounds her. We get lots of those uniquely Sara Luvv facial expressions before the boyfriend goes pop and Sara gets a cum facial. The nude Latina rises up in the water, little tits still dripping and tries to pull off Opie's swimming trunks. We say try because as everyone who has ever gone swimming knows, wet trunks are hard to get off. And the hot brunette has a comically hard time getting the trunks off. We would guess that the script called for her to pull them all the way off, but she gives up when they're at about mid-calf.
This video brings us a blushing hot blonde bride on presumably the day of her wedding. Either that, or she's a really strange dresser. Either way she is an exceptionally hot blonde, very petite with small tits and a small ass. She has long blonde hair and an angel's face, though the finger tattoos pretty much rule out an angelic nature. The nature she does have, however, seems to be more than satisfactory for her husband. She starts off right away going down on him. This is our first hint that this is a small woman and very well-endowed man. She uses her hands to make up for what her mouth just cannot do, but in the end there's more unblown than blown. This hot blonde is no quitter, though, and continues to suck and lick for quite a while. The next bit of the clip just appears without any transition. Suddenly they're naked and in bed. This is our first chance to see the blonde nude. She has a gorgeous small woman's body, petite all over with small tits and a small ass. Her husband is behind her fucking the nude blonde. In this clip we see that she is an extraordinarily small hot blonde. Her large, well-endowed husband looks like he would be a problem for her blonde pussy, but the way he slides in and out suggests at least one part of her must not be that small. But in the next position he has her on all fours while he stands on his knees and fucks her. This time the look on her face suggests we may jumped the gun in suggesting her pussy was any bigger than the rest of her. Guess she really is just tiny all over. While they're in this position, we nice long close up of the fucking which gives a great view of the blonde pussy and her small ass. This is a nice clip for us ass fans. They switch positions one last time for a little more fucking before finishing up with a cum facial. This is a great video from the people at Passion-HD but then they don't seem to produce any other kind. As always the performers are gorgeous, the sets beautiful, and most importantly, the resolution so high you can go full screen on a big screed HDTV and it looks nearly as good as a Blu-Ray. These people only do it one way: top notch. We promote lots of web sites and always try to tell you what makes them worthwhile, but if you've only got one you're going to subscribe to, it should probably be Passion-HD or its sister site Fantasy-HD (we'll bring you some clips from them soon). Especially if you've got your computer hooked to your television, its like having a high definition porn library at your fingertips instead of settling for lower quality or buying a bunch of disks. This is definitely your 'stuck on a desert island' porn subscription.
The focus of the video below is UNDENIABLY Asian pussy, they just don't know the joys of being ass men. But the clip was worthwhile because the hot asian chicks rear actually counts as a minor bubble but. Okay, so maybe we gave a few points for cultural adjustment, but by no means is it a small ass and on a seriously fit, seriously hot Asian chick anything other than a small ass is unusual. And as long as it is a perfect ass, we here at PerfectAss.biz love collecting the exotic! We're not going to be able to write a thing until we acknowledge the little pun in the headline Asian Pussy with a Minor Bubble Butt.  Asia... Minor. Asia Minor. Get it? Nobody appreciates geography puns. Let's return to the asses. This video from Erotic Japan did not exactly make it easy on us to properly categorize the hot Asian girls rump into our taxonomy. She spends the whole video on her back with her knees up around her ears. And while we ass fans miss the view of our favorite mounds, we can't help but admit she looks good in that position. But even in that position you can spot the classic bubble butt. Where the legs hit the bed, you get that telltale flare. Then where rest of the hip is resting parallel to the bed, there's another flare of flesh.  What verdict to we render? Bubble butt, beyond a reasonable doubt. I mean seriously, you should see some of the other Asian videos we've gone through looking for fine fannies. It looks like the poor girls have flesh colored bendy straws instead of legs and nothing, I mean nothing where the leg meats the back. A flat ass is one thing, a lot of people even enjoy a nice flat ass, some of these videos looked like the girls legs should come unplugged from their torsos. As ass fans, we may have nightmares. But let's spend a minute talking about what this video wants us to talk about, Asian pussy. The clip is of some Asian guy going down and fingering a Japanese girl. But the focus is the pussy itself. Partially shaved, it is always in the center of the screen and often in tight zoom. Are you ready for your close-up, Ms. Asian Pussy? You better be, because in this video you're going to get it repeatedly. Back to the site Erotic Japan, it is great fun. Instead of focusing on just those hot Asian girls who look like the stereotype says they should. Like the hot Asian girl with the bubble butt, you get Asian pussy of all sorts of varieties. It's more fun than most of these ethnic focused sites where it looks like all the girls were made with the same cookie cutter.
This is a series of 4 movies, 5 minutes each and it has it all. Black pussy, wet pussy, small tits, a bubble butt, shaved pussy, hot pussy, tight pussy!!! We've done our homework, we know that after that perfect ass these are the things you're looking for and boy do we have them in abundance here. The first clip starts with a warm up massage. After a minute or so of that, we get the ass reveal and this woman has a gorgeous bubble butt. Smooth and perfect. She's a small woman with small tits but that ass is all bubble. Even though she goes fully nude, we don't actually get to see that black pussy in this scene. Gives us something to look forward to. She proceeds to give her boyfriend a pretty leisurely blow job that takes up the last few minutes of the video. It's clearly not the first blow job she's given, because she knows what she's doing. She takes it all, sucks off just the head, plays up and down the shaft with her tongue. 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Breathe deep, ass fans. This post is about a redhead, which is kinda unusual. But this redhead has small tits and an apple bottom ass! That's like having gills and a camel hump! What the fuck? This ass is so bite-ably bountiful, so perfectly symmetrical on top and bottom, all wrapped in that peaches and cream skin only real redheads have. And yet the same genes that cranked out such a plentiful ass chose small tits, sparing and swallowable. Was this breath taking hottie bred in a labratory? By the staff of PerfectAss.biz? This nude redheads little tits and shaved pussy drove us right over the edge, we're hoping she'll do the same for you. And she didn't shave the entire pussy, she saved a badge of red tufts to prove she was real. This was necessitated by the dye job turning her hair from regular red to mutant witch red, but we'll forgive that little artifice. Porn is simply not good enough for this woman. She needs to be driving state to state, being admired and worshiped by crowds at seminars and county fairs. Or at least by us! And the video is such a perfect tease with just enough delivery. She starts off on a chair, fucking herself with a dildo (pink naturally). In this position, that apple bottom ass is in that perfect flexed/relaxed position to show it off in all its glory but without looking all clenched. As ass fans and collectors of rare ass artifacts, we're just drooling. Then she goes for a cooling drink of water, but decides instead of drinking it to pour it all down her front. The small tits are drenched, the shaved pussy even gets a little wet(ter). And... we... just... lose... our... minds. Now we have to say a word about those incredible beings who brought us this wonder. Totally redhead is a site that brings you redheads. But like the shaved pussy, little tits, apple bottom beauty in this post, every luscious hottie is special and has more going for her than just a scarlet mane. Each one is an extraordinary beauty doing (shameful) extraordinary things. It's all terribly hot and more than just a little distracting. We're supposed to be searching the internet to bring you the best asses in the word. but knowing Totally Redhead is out there makes it hard not to just bring you the best of their site. Look, if you read this far you're a fan of redheads. So just skip the drama and subscribe because this is the porn site you go to when all the others that you've subscribed to failed to get you off. This is the one full of wonders. And we're not even redhead fanatics! {pant} {pant} {pant} Red delicious.
Can you ever just smell controversy brewing? We are ready to declare confidently that this hot black girls apple bottom rocks. We're fans. But there are going to be those who say, "No! No! That's a bubble butt!" or even those uneducated who try to call it a ghetto booty. We've done our homework and we're ready to put this controversy to bed before it gets out of hand. And then maybe get the hot black girl in this video to take us to bed and take us in hand? Oh, well, we can dream. Ready? An apple bottom gets its name from the apple-like appearance of the profile of young woman fortunate enough to have one. These hot black chicks possess not only perky lower cheek regions, but also very perky upper cheek regions that come almost straight out from the back with no drooping at all. Even the best bubble butt proceeds downward from the back but then gets perky on the downside. And a ghetto booty? Bitch, please. They're disproportionately large by definition, an apple bottom is disproportionately perky by definition. These hot black girls have exactly the same ass profile if they're standing up or standing on their head. All we can't figure out is, how the hell do they sit down? Oh well, with a dumper like that why would you ever want to sit down and hide it. One last note on this whole geeky ass taxonomy... Apple bottoms are rare. We do nothing but look at asses all day so let us reassure you, there are not many of these beauties out there. We thought we had found a four-leafed clover. So the hot black girl spends the first few minutes of this 5 minute clip rubbing and oiling her tits. Then as she undresses at about the midpoint of the video, we finally get to see that ass. We get the bend over, the panties pull-down, all the goodies. Then the male performer enters the scene and... it ends! What? It was five minutes long, we got to see an apple bottom. We got to see a hot black girls huge tits. And then nothing. Don't worry, PerfectAss.biz won't leave you hanging. We grabbed you the second clip as well with lots of quality sucking and fucking. The site that supplied these goodies is Young Black GFs has some killer content. They've got only young hot black chicks of every description, paired up with men, women, and all by themselves. Whatever your preferences, you find them fulfilled here in a shade of ebony. Very well worth your time. The setup... Hot black girls tits and (Apple Bottom!) ass on full display. http://gals.sextronix.com/flashvideo/youngblackgfs.com/5_berlin_1_01.flv And the payoff. Same hot black girls fine body getting worked over by a white guy. http://gals.sextronix.com/flashvideo/youngblackgfs.com/5_berlin_1_02.flv Ready for more? Just click below...
In this clip from Hot Latina Porn, a hot Latina with a luscious ghetto booty gets double teamed by two white guys. We see the Latina fucked from behind, ghetto booty and huge tits jiggling as she tries desperately to hold on to the big rod of the guy laying underneath her. The pounding she's taking keeps knocking it out of her mouth. But persistence pays and she manages to suck off one guy while getting nailed by another. As in previous posts, when we talk about a ghetto booty and huge tits, we are definitely not talking about a fat woman. While we don't get to see much of her face (it's buried in dude #2's crotch) we can certainly see she has a curvaceous body but without any extra fat. And what we can see as it bobs in and out of his crotch is a beautiful face surrounded by long brown hair. Dude #1 (aka the fucker) starts off fucking like he might have sat on a tranquilizer dart before they got started. Maybe he was just trying to be thoughtful of hot Latina and Dude #2 so as not to interrupt the blow job. But whatever his motivation, it doesn't hold. About half way through he steps up onto something out of frame, giving himself a better angle at her snatch. He finally picks up some speed and begins to do some fucking. Dude #2 was actually so inactive that we expected to see an "In Memorium" in the end credits, but then he opened his eyes and showed no sign of being undead. So we're left to assume he just a really passive lover. Fortunately, our hot Latina heroine picked up the slack. She manages to thoroughly work over Dude #2's pole while still using some hip action to be more than just a receptacle for Dude #1. But let's face it, if we weren't all ass men we wouldn't be on this site to begin with. So the star of the show for all of us is that luscious ghetto booty. The girl has some serious junk in her trunk not to have a single ripple or dimple. And as we've been fortunate enough to see before, the ass and the tits were disproportionately large while the rest of her body remained fit and hot. Is this strictly a porn creation like the various Hollywood body types that don't exist in nature? We just find it hard to believe there could be so many people with really large asses and racks without so much as a hint of being fat. If hot Latina women (with the occasional ghetto booty thrown in) are your thing, Hot Latina Porn is a can't lose proposition. Lovely Latin ladies in every situation and combination you can imagine probably several that you can't. The owner of this site also owns several others, so there are usually package deals to let you get a group of sites to access for about the same amount you would pay for one from other providers. So it's definitely worth a little time to check out.
This next video, a hot brunette masturbating, is another quick clip, but we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to demonstrate another category of the perfect ass: the teardrop ass. And this lovely lady gives us ample opportunity to check it out. Sort of like trying to catch and classify bugs for grade school science, huh? Except with more jerking off between specimen. :-) The lovely brunette nude in all the ways that count has her jacket/blouse open to reveal her huge tits. At about the :30 mark she pulls up her skirt and opens up her wet pussy, pulling her thong panties inside herself. At around this same time she bends far over and gives us a textbook example of the teardrop ass. They tend to be a little larger than a bubble butt, which pulls the bottom part downward making each cheek have something of a teardrop appearance when viewed from top to bottom. As near as we can tell, this is often also called a heart-shaped ass. You have to basically turn the person upside and reverse gravity to see the heart shape. But then honestly, if you had this chick upside down with or without reversing gravity, would you be looking for heart shapes or just burying your head and hoping she did the same? It's not really a hard call, as far as we're concerned. We see things on the web making a teardrop ass sound like an insult, whereas apple bottom asses are supposed to be good. We find this silly. Each person has a shape or two that appeal to them, while others that might be considered more attractive just don't do the trick. That's just nature. What we have here is a smokin' hot brunette with a perfect ass and huge tits. Where's the downside? That does, however, bring us to the provider of this video. Horny Office Babes is a great site with lots of fantasies about chasing the boss, or the secretary, or the toner boy around the desk in good old fashioned sexual harassment. We love this idea as the thought of pinning a coworker against the door and having our way with her has crossed most of our minds. But what the hell does this clip have to do with anything office related? Is it because she's wearing black? Couldn't that be just as useful for Horny Funeral Home Babes? All joking aside, Horny Office Babes is full of hot fantasy made into reality with gorgeous models doing it all in cubicle land. And since most of us are or have been cube dwellers ourselves, we can relate pretty easily to these stories. For us, that gives them a little extra heat because you can mix memory and fantasy, and create something much better than either on its own. And from all we've seen, all the women on the site are at least as hot as the hot brunette in this clip, which means you really can't go wrong.
I know this video is short, but it gave us our first instance of the ghetto booty. And since it was a hot blonde with huge tits and a ghetto booty, all the more fun. We want to make sure we don't sound too stupid throwing around the word ghetto booty, so we thought we better get some definitions out of the way first. Our understanding of a ghetto booty is an ass that is large out of proportion with the rest of the body. And this video clip certainly provides a basis for that. The hot blonde starring in the clip has a fit body, generally small all over for that ass. But then there is the problem area... those huge tits. Her ass isn't out of proportion at all for those truly huge tits. But overall, you've got an average sized woman with huge tits and a ghetto booty. The judges have ruled. No one was ever going to call this a small ass, not matter how big her tits were. The video itself is very straightforward. Our heroine starts the video seated in a chair wearing a black leather skirt and nothing else, those huge tits blowing free in the breeze. She stands up and slips off the skirt to reveal a pink and purple thong underneath. As she stands there facing the camera, you have to do some mental adjustment. Her ass and rack are so very large that your mind wants to say, 'overweight.' But if you look closer she has a flat stomach, firm arms and legs. She's clearly not overweight, just disproportionately large on the top and the bottom. We're not seeing a problem! Next she turns around and bends over at the waist, leaving her perfect ass in the air. And I do mean perfect because as you get a close-up look at it you see it is firm, no fat anywhere. Her legs are smooth and shapely. This woman is a complete bombshell. And we suddenly feel all vindicated for creating this site. The perfect ass comes in many shapes and sizes. Compare this woman's junk to that of the woman with the small ass a few posts back. There's not a lot of common ground between them. However, both are firm and smooth and just right for kissing, fucking, biting, slapping or whatever your favorite kink is. Now a word about the website this comes from, which we should have mentioned earlier. This is from the site, Massive Big Tits. And while we chose a simple little video for the fine ghetto booty specimen, the huge tits are really the star of the show in this and of Massive Big Tit's videos. And don't think it's just modelling like this clip. They've got straight-up sex, group sex, lots of lesbian action, and solo hardcore action. So there is a lot to love about the site if you can make room in your heart for more than just the perfect ass. Even if you, check them out. There are some seriously fine asses all over that site. Our biggest problem was picking just one, so we'll probably bring you more from this site down the road.
We have our first contender for a double butt categorization. The young brunette ass fucking in the video below is most certainly a teen ass, but there is no mistaking that bubble butt for just exactly what it is. Of course considering the drilling she's getting, she needs the protection of a bubble butt. Ass fucking is really not for those in the small ass categories. How do we know she's a teen? Because this video is brought to us by our delightfully depraved friends at Anal Drilled Teens. They say the mark of a mature market is specialization. When sights as specific as Anal Drilled Teens start to show up, we know we're in a mature market. Yay for capitalism. We think the young brunette performing in the video deserves some attention. She is unbelievably hot. Tanned skin and long brunette locks pulled back into pigtails (read: I'm a teen! I'm a teen!) cut quite the image as she's having the dude's pole driven up her ass. But she does have a great specimen of the much beloved bubble butt and a great rack. We get some very nice bouncing going on during the anal fucking. She also has exactly the kind of face you need to carry the teen thing. A rounded face and small features culminate in an overall girlish look. But the alternating looks of pleasure and pain as the ass fucking proceeds are all adult. Is it possible to look cute while in pain from getting your ass pounded? We think this young woman manages to pull off that very feat. Her pain faces are just so... sweet! We do find ourselves feeling a twinge of sympathy. The bubble butt and big tits notwithstanding, our heroine is a small woman. And the guy in the video is hung like a horse. He tries on multiple occasions to go balls deep but physics and physiology provide constant frustration for him. But every time he tries, we can count on seeing another one of those adorable pain faces. At about the 1:40 mark, he pulls out and they attempt a blow job. We say attempt because if his pole was too big for her ass, its entirely too big for her mouth. She's very enthusiastic about trying, but there just isn't much she can do to over come the size difference. So at about the 3:30 they switch back for one last round of ass fucking. At this point they kick in some very tight close ups of the anal pounding she's taking. There's really not a lot to say about Anal Drilled Teens. Their models are hot and their quality is good. It looks like they're shooting in HD, though at least the streaming samples seem to come in a little shy of 1080p.  The real question isn't one of resolution, but rather preference. Are young (but legal) models and ass fucking your glass of tea? If so you're just not going to find a better fit than Anal Drilled Teens.
If there is one woman who sums up what we look for on PerfectAss.com, it's Mandy Morbid. Take a second to appreciate all that is there... You've got a perfect ass of the bubble butt variety. You also have perfect tits of the huge tits (or big natural tits) variety. All of this wrapped up in a punk rocker look and tattoos in all the right places make Mandy Morbid a sight your eyes just keep coming back to over and over again. And your eyes will keep coming back, because we will post every picture of this living goddess we can get our hands on. We have yet to find any video, but rest assured we will one day see that bubble butt in motion. Just thinking about the sight of that sweet ass and perfect tits bouncing around in a good HD video... Sorry, we're back. :-) This particular photo shoot is brought to you by Stagg Street, which takes porn stars and features them in magazine quality pictorials. My first response was 'yawn.' But between the women they've chosen and the images they've captured, you better check your pulse if anything on their site makes you yawn. Like so many who embrace the punk look, Mandy Morbid has a very sweet, even innocent face. But the poses in these pictures tell you that she is anything but perfect. Whether it's working those big tits together, which personally made our breath catch in our throat. Or her various bend-over poses showing off that bubble butt, there is just no innocence to be found. But there is a wondrous quality that makes you want to just see more and more of her work. Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of these pictures her ability to command your attention wherever she wants it, regardless of what else is in scene. In on shot in particular, her panties are gone and her tight pussy is definitely the first place our eyes went. But within seconds, Mandy Morbid had demanded our eyes move up and fixate on the smoldering look on her face. She belongs to a category of woman who is not only beautiful, sexy, and physically perfect, but she is also in control of every one of these qualities. As a result, she can make us look where she wants and do what she wants. And really, would any of you have a problem with that?? You really ought to go give Stagg Street a look. They are mostly photo shoots with the odd video here and there. Also, most are solo shoots, though there are increasing numbers of all female twosomes and threesomes. But they are just incredibly hot. From the performers chosen, to how the shots are composed, to the sets they use, Stagg Street seems to know how to captivate us and drive us to see exactly what they want us to see. And since what they want us to see is so very beautiful, we don't have the first problem with that.
Taylor White gives us a great place to start the category of the small ass. By no means is her ass bony, there's meat there. But this is the small ass of a small woman. In all honesty, we'd probably have small tits in this video, too, if nature hadn't been augmented. But everybody is down on the small tits, why?? Small asses don't seem to have the same stigma. And we're fully loving Taylor White as a classic example of the perfect small ass. This is a great HD video from Passion-hd, who always provides long, great HD videos. The subscriber section of this web site is a complete treasure trove. Their videos blow up to full-screen even on a 1080p big screen and look fantastic. And really, really hot. We start off with the blonde nude in the bathtub. She's kicked back and relaxing and we get to take a leisurely look at every inch of her small frame. Note to those in search of the perfect ass, she's on her back in the bathtub so you can't actually see her ass.  But if she were on her stomach, she'd drown and we wouldn't get to see the rest of the video. :-) She's joined in the bathroom by what we assume is her lover. Without preamble, he drops his pants as he approaches. Equally abruptly, she takes cock in hand and begins giving him a blow job. Why doesn't the world work this way? Shouldn't gorgeous women just know that an exposed cock is an imperative to suck? Alas, just one of the many ways reality falls short of porn. You have to make it to the 2:30 mark before the beautiful small ass makes its way back in frame. Even then, it's a pretty oblique view as she does the reverse cowgirl. Still, seeing the small ass bouncing up and down is quite nice. At the 4:11 mark we see her getting pounded from behind. While this doesn't always display the ass in its full glory, nobody who is an ass fan can resist this position. Things get perfect at the 4:47 mark. She's still being taken from behind, but here Taylor White has raised her ass and dropped her head to the blankets. We can see that tiny ass spread in all its glory as she just gets pounded by the "probably too big for her" male performer. We get to enjoy this ultimate ass position until about 4:58. Then it's back to a more standard from behind position. From there the role played by her small ass drops to supporting cast member. They return to the guy on top with her legs in the air. Since it can't all be about the ass, there's a very nice cum facial to finish off the action. Do yourself a favor and give a serious look at this site. We don't mean to play favorites (or make a really bad pun) but the content these guys are putting out just blows us away.